Univision's Ramos Thinks It's 'Not Very Good' That Police Work With Immigration Agencies

February 16th, 2016 4:54 PM

Univision's Jorge Ramos recently conducted a pretty incredible interview of Attorney General Loretta Lynch. By "incredible", of course, I mean "unbelievably biased", and lacking any depth or substance. There was also a pretty incredible display of lawlessness therein.

The entire interview, as is often the case with Ramos, is the chronicle of a golden journalistic opportunity sacrificed at the altar of the politics of racial grievance. Tough questions give way to the advancement of multiple left-leaning agendas, all of which seek to forward further societal division along every concievable line. 

This particular exercise in agenda journalism was brought to you by a shameless activist, coddled and pampered at every step of the way by our political and media elites. The interview covered topics concerning law enforcement, El Chapo, FIFA, and the DOJ's respective involvement with each.

Jorge Ramos fiercely preserved his longstanding tradition of not really asking tough questions when it matters, which subsequently allowed Lynch to skate without a single question about Hillary Clinton's growing server scandal or about the legality of President Obama's executive actions.

The interview is extremely instructive not because of any particular newsworthiness, but because it shows the extent to which Jorge Ramos will advocate for lawlessness in furtherance of the amnesty agenda. Observe the sentence at the bottom of the screengrab:


So brazen is the pampered activist masquerading as a journalist, that he tells the nation's chief law enforcement officer (even if only in job description anymore, but still) to her face that he finds it unacceptable that law enforcement agencies enforce the law. Furthermore, the statement is fascinating as a window into Ramos' worldview.

The hot law enforcement take would seem to indicate that Ramos views immigration agencies (and by extension, government) as grantors and facilitators of amnesty rights and immunities, rather than what they are - which is law enforcement agencies.

Credit to Lynch for ignoring Ramos' sanctuary cities hissy-fit and drowning his protests in talking points. Shame on Ramos for trying to spin legitimate law enforcement functions into a greater grievance narrative. His invocation of the shooting in Pasco evokes the news division's shameful attempt to turn this and other shootings into a Hispanic Ferguson. 

Ramos then tried to get Lynch to respond to questions about El Chapo and Kate del Castillo. Lynch gave the standard non-response about potential targets of federal investigations, and Ramos backed off after a couple of passes, which begs the question: Why didn't Ramos try to elicit the same non-responses about the FBI's investigation of Hillary Clinton's emails?

Funny that a journalist who refuses to ask these sorts of questions should see fit to run around accusing people of ethnic betrayals for not supporting further erosion of the rule of law. Demanding that an attorney general not follow the law is the only real betrayal here.

We will have video of this exchange available as soon as Univision publishes a segment other than Lynch's reaction to Beyoncé's Super Bowl halftime show appearance.

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