Canada Offers Taxpayer Funded ‘Universal Access to Contraception’

March 13th, 2024 1:59 PM

It looks like our neighbors up North are looking for more and more ways to push the idea that life has no value.

A national pharmacare program launched in Canada that would use taxpayer money to cover contraceptives to roughly 9 million Canadian women. Bill C-64 will ensure women have access to various forms of contraception as well as “reproductive autonomy,” Health Canada reported in its official announcement. 

“Cost has consistently been identified as the single most important barrier to access to these medications and the cost is unevenly borne by women and gender diverse Canadians. Bill C-64 will ensure that Canadians will have access to a comprehensive suite of contraceptive drugs and devices,” the announcement read.

The effort will supposedly help women have better ability to “plan for the future” and reduce the “risk of unintended pregnancies." The bill also includes diabetes medications.

The program, launched by the Liberal-NDP (New Democratic Party), was praised by Marci Ien, Minister for Women and Gender Equality and Youth of Canada.

Liberal Pharmacare will deliver free contraceptives.

Because income should never be a barrier to a woman controlling her own future.

— Liberal Party (@liberal_party) March 8, 2024

“Full contraceptive coverage for every Canadian woman is part of the very first phase of the pharmacare plan,” Ien said. “We did this because we know how many lives will change. We did this because we know how many women today, and in the future will benefit from this. We did this because it isn’t right that people have to make decisions about which contraception to use based on the price and not based on what works for them and what’s right for them. 

While not all contraceptives necessarily cause an abortion, some do or have the ability to, including the morning-after pill which in part works to keep a fertilized egg from implanting in the uterus.

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Prime Minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau, emphasized that the morning-after pill would be included in the bill. “When we say we support reproductive rights, we mean it,” Trudeau wrote on X.

In response to Trudeau’s tweet, users roasted him for being so “obsessed with abortion."

One user asked, “Why am I subsidizing someone else’s morning after pill?!?” Another wrote, “Liberals like killing babies.” A different user insisted Trudeau was “mansplaining” and one more wrote, “Contraceptives are not healthcare, they disrupt hormonal production and cause many and varied health problems in the women that use them. You are a big pharma shill who cares nothing for the health and safety of the citizens of Canada."

The thing is, if Trudeau and his co-conspirators actually cared about women, they’d teach that sex shouldn’t be so nonchalant. Sex should happen within the confines of marriage and isn’t a “no big deal” type thing that should be coupled with contraceptives so casually and carelessly like the Canadian government is insisting.

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