Med Student Advocates For ‘Full Term’ Abortion

January 23rd, 2024 11:03 AM

And the left will still probably say that nobody wants to allow abortion throughout all nine months...

An OBGYN student at the Medical College of Wisconsin testified at the Wisconsin state Capitol Monday, insisting that if she and her classmates cannot conduct abortions for women throughout all nine months of pregnancy, she will leave the state. Naturally, users online were stunned at how confidently she expressed killing full term babies.

In a video which now has more than 200,000 views on X, the woman said, “I think abortion should be unrestrictive,” saying that regardless of when a woman “finds out” she’s pregnant, she "should be able to get an abortion if they want to, and for some people that is full term."

The hearing Monday came after the Republican controlled Wisconsin Assembly introduced a bill on Friday which “proposes a referendum on a ban on abortions after the 14th week of pregnancy,” Courthouse News Services reported Monday

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When I watched this my jaw visibly dropped.

That girl, training to be a practicing OBGYN, legitimately just said she’d be OK with the following: If a woman is pregnant and due tomorrow, has a baby located a mere six inches up the birth canal that can survive and function on his or her own, she can kill that child and face no repercussions. 

This feels like something out of a dystopian movie. 

Towards the end of the clip, the woman added, “If I can’t get abortion training here, if I can’t perform abortions in my career, I will not stay in Wisconsin and a lot of my colleagues who are on the same track agree.”

To that, I say that she may as well just leave the country altogether, because we don’t want that here. 

Users on X agreed with me. 

“Imagine your entire self worth being defined by your ability to snuff out an innocent human life. Beyond sick,” one commented

“REPULSIVE, this is what evil actually looks like,” another added

One user wrote, "She is admitting, and proud of it, that she would commit infanticide. Murder. She needs to be permanently barred from practicing medicine everywhere. Unspeakable evil.” 

Moms for Liberty member Scarlett Johnson posted the following:

She just said she would abort a FULL TERM fully developed human baby. A baby that can absolutely live outside of the mothers womb. A baby deserving of life.
SICK. I am ashamed for her.
If that isn’t murder, what is?
I pray she leaves Wisconsin and never comes back.

— Scarlett Johnson (@scarlett4kids) January 23, 2024

Fox News Opinion Editor Dan Gainor suggested the school “deny her a medical degree,” while Libs of TikTok tweeted the video and wrote, “This is what colleges are instilling in young people. Demonic.”

Demonic it is. Yet abortion without limits or restrictions is exactly what the left wants, but often refuses to admit out loud.

Our nation’s children are under attack.

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