March for Life Has Incredible Turnout Despite D.C. Blizzard

January 22nd, 2024 2:30 PM

Friday, January 19 marked the 51st annual March for Life in Washington D.C. Despite the frigid temperatures and the fact that it was a full-on snowstorm outside, the pro-life movement showed up with their signs, smiles, and prayers to support the unborn. 

Students for Life of America President Kristan Hawkins shared a timelapse video of the seemingly endless stream of participants parading down Constitution Avenue. The streets were soaked, as were the marchers, but not a single person looked unhappy. 



“Despite the snow and freezing temperatures, pro-lifers showed up by the tens of thousands to stand for the dignity of human life,” Students for Life ambassador Christine Yeargin wrote on X. Another commented on the video and pointed out how civil the marchers were, writing, “No violence, no setting things on fire, no throwing rocks, no blocking freeways, no assaulting innocent people, no climbing fences…”

Seven Weeks Coffee, a pro-life coffee brand, saw the video and commented, “A beautiful sight! Abortion will soon be unthinkable.”

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Though the event had great turnout, leave it to the leftist media to attempt to blast attendees. 

CBS News phrased its report of the event as “Abortion opponents at March for Life,” and CNN called the marchers “anti-abortion advocates.” The Washington Post called marchers “antiabortion advocates,” and The Guardian said that “a sparse crowd” of “anti-abortion marchers” attended.

I don’t think tens of thousands of people is necessarily “sparse,” but misinformation is what the leftist media peddles. Funnily enough, I think they were trying to offend the pro-life movement - but we’re not ashamed of being anti-abortion, so good try.

What was sparse was the counter-protestors. MRCTV visited the event and only saw a handful of pro-abortion advocates, unlike the mob that showed up the sunny day when Roe v. Wade was overturned.

Which makes perfect sense. Pro-aborts like convenience. They think that killing a child in the womb is the convenient option for women. A blizzard isn’t exactly “convenient” weather to protest in, so most didn’t show up. Who didn’t mind being inconvenienced in order to stand up for their beliefs though? The pro-life marchers, of course, who recognized that braving a little snow is nothing compared to getting your limbs ripped off of your body in the womb. 

I'm looking forward to next year's March for Life and celebrating the progress the pro-life movement makes in 2024.

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