Chemical Abortion Nightmare: 'Baby's Heart Was Still Beating'

January 5th, 2024 11:23 AM

A video from a YouTube account called “Ivan the Evangelist” was shared by Students for Life America on social media Thursday afternoon and detailed one woman’s horrific experience after taking an abortion pill. Now, users online are blasting Planned Parenthood and the chemical abortion process for its prioritization of killing babies over keeping women out of harms way.

“The last abortion I had I actually saw the baby come out,” Desiree, the woman in the video started with. She explained how she went to a Planned Parenthood location and two doctors came into her room and gave her a chemical abortion pill to start the slow process of killing her baby. Desiree confessed that she felt conflicted at the time. She said she felt “so much pressure” and eventually “gave in,” then she “put this dumb pill in [her] mouth.”

The video details that Desiree went home to finish the other four pills to continue the process when she began feeling immense pain. She went to her bathroom and “delivered a baby,” she confessed. “I saw the little tiny limbs, little arms, little everything. And the baby’s heart was still beating and it starts to go slower and slower and slower until the baby passes away. And after that, precious life was lost,” Desiree said.

While that was obviously heartbreaking to hear, Desiree then went on to explain how she almost lost her own life. She was “bleeding uncontrollably for months,” she said. She called Planned Parenthood and they essentially told her that the bleeding was normal. Desiree also mentioned that Planned Parenthood made her sign a waiver indicating that if she died, Planned Parenthood wouldn’t be held liable.

Desiree eventually went to the hospital and underwent an emergency surgery after finding out her placenta was never delivered and it was rotting inside of her, causing an infection.

The sad part is, Planned Parenthood, and the left in general, rarely, if ever, talk about these sorts of stories. They paint the idea that the abortion pill is safe, harmless and a great option, when the reality is that they are far from safe whatsoever for the woman or her child.

During a chemical abortion, which requires two drugs called mifepristone and misoprostol, a woman’s pregnancy hormones are blocked which simulates her child to be expelled from her body. If successful, it results in at least one death. 

Users on X shared their heartbreak for Desiree regarding her situation. 

“The fact Planned Parenthood knew what could happen to her body if she took the pill, and didn’t inform her of the side effect is so sick. It shows they don’t care about women. They just care about making a profit,” one user wrote.

“How long are abortion businesses going to get away with the lie that Chemical Abortion Pills are ‘safe’ and ‘easy’ for women? Wake up America,” Students for Life America president Kristan Hawikins wrote.

Over on the full video, which is accessible on YouTube as well as Desiree’s Facebook page, users commended her bravery and thanked her for sharing.

At the same time, there were various comments insisting that Desiree was lying and that Planned Parenthood and the abortion pill aren’t harmful.

“How long are you going to spend your time lying to grift more donations?” one asked on X.

“Gee I wonder how much she is getting paid to act out this script,” another said, while yet another wrote, “You’re liars and the drugs have proven safe for the vast majority of women for many years.”

Now, can I somehow go back and corroborate Desiree’s story? No. But Desiree isn’t the only one who’s shared about the heartbreaking reality of what a chemical abortion is and does. This information needs to be shared, not silenced by Planned Parenthood and the leftist regime.