Tucker Carlson Says Abortion is a ‘Human Sacrifice,’ Abortion Isn’t ‘Pathway to Joy’

September 26th, 2023 4:01 PM

“What kind of sick people would tell you that killing your baby is a pathway to joy?”

On Monday night, former Fox News host Tucker Carlson spoke at the Center for Christian Virtue, a Christian policy organization in Cleveland, Ohio, on the horrors of abortion, where he emphasized that nothing in life provides more joy than children.

Carlson was extremely direct about what abortion is: a “human sacrifice.” He noted that there have been civilizations from all over the world and all throughout history that have sacrificed their children, believing that the slaughter would bring them joy. Child murder, he pointed out, became the “one constant in human civilization.”

Why? Because, as Carlson mentioned, child sacrifice is a “spiritual battle.”

It is peculiar, because you’d think that if civilizations wanted to succeed, flourish, grow, and advance the species, child sacrifice seems to go directly against that. Carlson noted the following:

How does killing your own children advance the cause of perpetuating the species? It doesn’t. In fact, it’s an attack on that. So it’s not a natural human function to want to kill your own children. That’s an idea, an impulse, that was introduced. Outside forces are acting on people at all times throughout history in every culture on the planet to convince people that if they sacrifice their children, they will be happy and safe. 

Obviously happiness and safety can't come through infanticide, but is indicative of many of the left's views on abortion. But combatting the leftist idea that abortion is a "pathway to joy" requires one to realize the issue is a “spiritual battle” not a “political debate," Carlson explained. 

In the second half of his speech, Carlson audience members with a call to action, citing the Apostle Paul from the Bible. He explained how Paul, then "Saul," was a really bad man who did really horrible things, and then “pivoted on a dime” to become a great advocate for the Lord.

“I find it very inspiring that a truly awful person can become one of the great people of all time,” Carlson said. 

Pro-lifers, he went on, should emulate Paul's character, especially his courage.

“There’s not a letter he wrote where he didn't have a sword hanging over his neck,” Carlson said. While Paul was ultimately murdered for this faith, Carlson said, he never looked back or bowed to persecutors after committing himself to Christ and was “unbothered by it" and “never afraid,” as “his fate was sealed.”

Carlson explained that Christians have “no excuse for being afraid” as they know that their fate is sealed and they’ll enter the gates of heaven one day. That “fearlessness” is a marker of Christian faith, and pro-lifers need to fight for life with that courage.

Carlson’s speech was a great reminder to the audience that while abortion is a very real and very important issue to tackle, it's important to recognize that the root of this evil comes from brokenness and people’s hearts. Until those change, policies to protect life won’t happen or work.