Follow Up: Vermont Sen. Backs Christian Basketball Team Ban Over Trans Opponent

March 21st, 2023 4:58 PM

Things have escalated. 

In late February, a Christian high school opted-out of a tournament game against a school whose women's basketball team had a biological male on it. Since then, the Christian school has been banned from all future tournaments. This week, a Vermont lawmaker doubled down on the ban and essentially claimed the Christian team probably wouldn’t have ranked well anyways. 

Vermont Democratic State Senator Rebecca White was interviewed by CNN for a video segment Monday and claimed “I don’t think it’s a bridge too far” when asked whether the move to ban the Christian school was supported. 

The Vermont Principals Association (VPA) banned the Mid Vermont Christian School (MVCS) after the school forfeited playing against the Long Trail School (LTS) team due to its transgender player. 

I don’t blame the Christian school. Men have a significant size and strength advantage over women, especially in something like basketball where those characteristics are imperative. This set LTS at a significantly altered and unfairly high position against MVCS. 

Yet, Vermont and its leaders clearly care more about identity politics than the safety of their students. 

White continued in the interview by claiming that she supports the ban by the VPA and basically said that the students weren’t good enough to have made it anyways. 

The athletes that we’re talking about are unlikely to go on to elite professional athletics, but that concept of discriminating against another person, it causes long-term outcomes for trans youth because they’re hearing rhetoric that tells them they are not valuable, that they’re dangerous.

What’s funny was that in an attempt to say that the Christian students were discriminating against the transgender student, White discriminated against the group of Christian girls. 

It's not surprising, however, that THIS is the side that CNN decided to highlight.  

Here’s what the Media Research Center’s John Simmons said about the students:

MVCS's well-founded stand against the transgender ideology was driven by common sense science and biology and informed by religious convictions. It spoke the truth about the dangers of allowing men to compete in women’s sports and made the right decision for the school and its players.

However, we live in an age where “truth” is constantly redefined by agenda-driven individuals who vehemently hate those who speak capital T-Truth. The VPA retaliated against MVCS by dishing out a punishment that was highly uncalled for and that could cripple the athletic future of a school that is small to begin with.

The interview with White is just another example of how, not only weak Vermont is, but how willing it is to compromise the safety and well-being of some students for others who wish to believe and live in a delusional sense of self-identity.