ANOTHER Pregnancy Center Attacked, DOJ & FBI Remain Silent

March 7th, 2023 2:08 PM

It’s unlikely the FBI or DOJ will do anything about this violent attack.

On Saturday March 4, a pregnancy center in Minneapolis was left with broken windows and harsh threats graffitied on its walls. The attack happened shortly after a pro-abort event in the area and was likely done by the group called Jane’s Revenge, The Daily Signal reported.

As reported, seven windows of the First Care Center were broken. Additionally the words “If abortions arn’t safe neither r u” and “Jane was here” were written on the building walls. 

Tammy Kocher, the group’s executive director, told The Daily Signal that the main group of people who are going to be affected by the violence are the mothers who are looking for support, resources and options. 

“Who they’re really hurting is our clients who are hurting, single moms who are living in poverty and who need support,” Kocher said. “They’re trying to take away practical caring holistic support from families in need.” 

Kocher is spot on. Pregnancy centers are regularly name called as “fake clinics” but realistically, the goal of a pregnancy center is to educate mothers and support them while dealing with their pregnancies. Most pregnancy centers don’t offer abortions and don’t advertise abortions either, nor do they call themselves “clinics.” Regardless, they’re still being attacked and vandalized. 

And the FBI and DOJ couldn’t care less. They didn’t respond to requests for comment from The Daily Signal and it’s unlikely they ever will.

Just a week ago both the FBI director and Attorney General Garland defended the the administration's extreme bias against pro-life groups. While pro-aborts are allowed to get away with domestic terrorism, pro-lifers are getting arrested for silently praying on streets or defending their children or other supposed “crimes.”

On March 1 Senator Mike Lee stated that the DOJ has announced charges on 34 innocent pro-life individuals, but among the hundreds of attacks on pro-life establishments, only TWO individuals have charged. 

That’s why attacks like this recent one in Minneapolis are continuing to happen. There are no consequences and unless something changes dramatically, it’s doubtful there will be anytime soon.