NBC’s 'Law & Order' Paint Pro-Lifers as Violent Murderers

September 30th, 2022 3:01 PM

Even though the pro-life movement sets its goal to save lives, the left will stop at nothing to paint pro-lifers as villains. 

In Thursday night's Law & Order episode titled “Battle Lines,” numerous anti-life talking points were emphasized. The episode used a murder case of the daughter of a fictional Texas governor to push the abortion narrative, as well as the murder of an abortion activist to paint pro-lifers as the threats in the abortion debate. 

One scene displayed a conversation between the characters Executive Assistant District Attorney Nolan Price (Hugh Dancy) and District Attorney Jack McCoy (Sam Waterston).

The pair discussed the incident with Becca Carter, daughter of TX Gov. Carter who was murdered by her brother, Blake Carter. The detectives also discuss the mother, Barbara Carter’s role in the situation.



Maroun: Catch Governor Carter on "Hannity" last night?

Price: Yeah, he’s circling the conservative wagons around the sun. 

McCoy: And he’s using the national press to paint your star witness as a pro-abortion activist with an axe to grind against his family. 

Price: Good morning. I think we’re good. The evidence is compelling.

McCoy: I have some concerns about your witness list. You plan on calling Barbara Carter? 

Price: Text messages exchanged between Blake and his mother show she was the one who figured out Becca was pregnant. She hacked into her daughter's period tracking app and sent Blake there to stop her. 

McCoy: Putting the defendants mother on the stand is a pretty risky risky move Nolan.  

Price: She’s also the victim's mother. And, the messages established Blake’s state-of-mind at the time of murder. They make it clear he was angry enough to kill. He refers to Becca as a slut and a murderer.  

McCoy: Did Barbara encourage him to use force with Becca? 

Price:  No, no she just wanted him to talk her out of it but she certainly tolerated his language. 

McCoy: If you attack a grieving mother you run the risk of turning the jury against you. 

Price: Hearing the words from Barbra's own mouth is an opportunity to drive home for the jury just how hypocritical this family’s pro-life stance really is. 

In the episode, Becca visited New York for an abortion. Following her appointment, Becca’s brother murdered her. This doesn’t happen. Generally the pro-life movement aims to protect life, not end it hence “pro-life.” It doesn’t make any sense for the pro-life brother character to deliberately end the life of his own sister over an abortion - or anything for that matter. 

In another scene, viewers were presented with the murder of an abortion activist by a pro-life protestor. Yeah, because that happens all the time.  

Abortion activist Drea Clark was speaking with Price and Assistant District Attorney Samantha Maroun (Odelya Halevi) about her commitment to helping women get abortions in Texas. The three walked towards the front of the courthouse where dozens of protestors, both for and against abortion, were gathered with signs:



A.D.A Maroun: Drea, if you wait here we can get you an officer to escort you to a taxi. 

Drea: It’s fine, I can manage. 

Price: Back to Texas? 

Drea: It’s my home.

Maroun: You could always move here. 

Drea: I could, but there are women that can’t. That’s why I stay, to help them. 

Price: Thank you again for your help and your courage. 

Maroun: Let us know if we can be of any assistance. 

Pro-Life Protestor: MURDERER! 

Of course, Law & Order would paint the pro-lifer, the people who want to stop the dismemberment of the most innocent and most vulnerable population, as the villain.

The episode relied heavily on pro-life stereotypes to push its overt abortion narrative. It played on a violent nature that people have in order to push their ideas and painted the pro-life movement in a controlling, threatening, and antagonistic light.