Gina Carano Speaks Out in Daily Wire Interview: Once a Fighter, Always a Fighter

February 22nd, 2021 4:09 PM

Even when cancel culture hit Gina Carano numerous times, she continued to hold her place in the ring. 

On February 10, Lucasfilm fired former MMA fighter Carano from The Mandalorian on Disney+ for her outspokenness on conservative views. Carano has since joined the conservative group The Daily Wire and spoke on Sunday with her new boss Ben Shapiro for an episode of The Ben Shapiro Show: Sunday Special.



Earlier this month, Carano shared an Instagram post likening what is currently happening in politics to events that happened in Nazi Germany. To the Twitter mob, this was the wrong move on her end and Disney's Lucasfilm caved to the angry mob. Carano noted how Disney shows evidence of double standards. According to Shapiro in the interview, one of Carano’s ex co-workers, who shared a similar Instagram post, received no punishment for a similar sin. Undoubtedly, this was because he affiliates with the left and Carano does not. 

If she can be canceled for voicing her political views then can’t the left be canceled as well for calling conservatives Nazis? Like Carano said, this is a double standard and has been for too long. 

In the interview with Shapiro, Carano admitted:

I’ve been called so much. I’ve been called “racist,” I’ve been called “transphobe,” I’ve been called “homophobe,” I’ve been called now “anti-semitic,” and I’m like, I don’t take those lightly. Like you’re calling me, my soul, the blood that runs through me, you’re calling me that … you say that once to me, like, you’re done. I don’t want to talk to you ever again.

Cancel culture is one of the most powerful weapons right now in the media and, honestly, Carano is a victim of it. But, she doesn't consider herself as such and Carano is actually taking it like a champ. 

Shapiro said that “people have deliberately misinterpreted nearly everything.” Rumor has it that Disney was looking for ways to get Carano fired for months and, once cancel culture started attacking her again in Feb., that job was made easy. 

Carano also added:

They don’t get to do that. They don’t get to make people feel like that. And if I buckle, then little girls and little boys, who are not getting … a good fair shake at growing up right now, if I buckle, it’s going to make it okay for these companies who have a history of lying to be lying, and to do this to other people. And they’ve done it to other people.

Rather than succumbing to the pitfalls of cancel culture, she said, “I’m not going down without a fight.” She is a fighter. Once with the MMA and now fighting against the social constructs that canceled her due to falling on the socially unfavorable side of the political spectrum. Her interview showed courage and strength to overcome.

But Daily Beast entertainment reporter Cheyenne Roundtree commented on Carano’s interview with Shapiro and claimed that it was a display of Carano “playing the victim.” 

This Daily Beast piece is just another leftist attempt at twisting words. Roundtree took the smallest bit of Carano's thoughts and warped them into a story when in reality, Carano did not victimize herself in the slightest. While she isn’t playing the victim, it would be justified if she were for all that cancel culture has thrown at her and taken away from her. 

The interview with Shapiro showed that Carano is willing to stand up for what she believes in which is so rare since most of Hollywood just hops on the bandwagon for trending opinions to support. Cancel culture sucks but it is nice to see someone maintain solid ground for the side of conservatism.