Liberal Dad on 'Last Man Standing': Pink Bedroom for Daughter ‘Archaic, Patriarchal'

January 23rd, 2020 9:54 PM

If you wondered what kind of dad that liberal Ryan (Jordan Masterson) was going to be to his new daughter on Last Man Standing, January 23’s episode “Bedtime Story” clued us in.

One might think his unborn daughter’s aunt and uncle, Mandy (Molly Ephraim) and Kyle (Christoph Sanders), would be the natural first choice to be the godparents, but Ryan’s first choice was the Obamas. “I mean, you think they would have at least responded with a form letter. It just doesn't seem like Michelle,” he laments.

One might also think that Mandy decorating her goddaughter’s bedroom is something Ryan should be grateful about. He’s anything but, as Mandy dares to -- wait for it -- use pink!



Ryan: Hey.

Mandy: Hey.

Ryan: What you doing?

Mandy: Decorating the nursery.

Ryan: Oh. So my daughter's first bedroom is going to be pink.

Mandy: Well, you're having a girl. Duh. Uh, and it's not just pink. It is Flamingo, Cotton Candy, Bubble Gum, and Ballet Slipper.

Ryan: Yeah, those are as different as night and evening. Um, hey, look, Mandy, I-I really wanted a non-gender- specific nursery for our baby. I-I don't want the decor to put any limitations on her.

Mandy: It doesn't. This room tells her she's a princess. Princesses set fashion trends, they start diet fads. If that's not power, then what is?

Ryan: Okay, um... Look, just imagine a generation that isn't locked into these outdated stereotypes. I really want my daughter to be a part of that, and... She can't do that from underneath a pink blanket.

Mandy: This is Blushing Cherry Blossom. Are you blind?

Ryan: Well, it's my baby, my house, and you're just the decorator.

Mandy: I'm not just the decorator. I am not just the aunt. I am the godmother to a princess! Get out of my fairy tale!

Kristin: What's with all the yelling?

Ryan: Uh, your sister is imposing archaic, patriarchal structures on our unborn daughter.

Mandy: And Ryan is being a butt.

Kristin: Well, knock it off, both of you. Okay? This baby, and having you and Kyle be the godparents, is about bringing us all together as a family.

Mandy: Okay...

Ryan: Yeah, but...

Kristin: I don't want to hear it! Okay? You need to work this out. I am not letting the two of you ruin this for me. My body is flooded with love hormones!

Gasp! It’s almost like he and Kristin (Amanda Fuller) are having a baby girl! The couples resolve it with some humor, thanks to Kyle talking to them as, you guessed it, the titular character from The Godfather. If anything needed to be resolved, it’s Ryan lightening up some and getting used to having a daughter.