Not a Good Look: 'Black Lightning' Mocks Photo With George W. Bush

Once again, CW’s Black Lightning is playing politics. First the series claimed the police are straight-up murdering black kids, and now they're going after George W. Bush. And here I thought Trump jokes were getting old!

The October 16 episode “The Book of Consequences: Chapter Two: Black Jesus Blues” follows a new development at Garfield High School where Jefferson Pierce AKA Black Lightning (Cress Williams) works as principal.

Last season, three criminals invaded the school but Jeff was nowhere to be found (because he appeared as Black Lightning). Because of his conspicuous absence during that crisis, the school board sees fit to have Jeff removed as principal once the school reopens. Jeff accepts this move to protect the school and his secret superhero identity.

The real issue arrives when Jeff’s school board friend Dr. Napier Frank (Robert Townsend) comes to his office and discovers a picture of the good principal with former President George W. Bush. Jeff defends himself saying, "Okay, now, I don't play politics when it comes to Garfield. His money is just as good as everybody else." Then he agrees when Napier holds up another photo with former President Barack Obama and calls it "a better look."



I suppose Black Lightning is still playing on the idea that George W. Bush hates black people. That is probably the only thing liberals will agree with Kanye West on at this point. And leftist shows like this are the only ones who would see meeting any president at all as an embarrassment to be explained. Thank goodness they have their lord and savior Barack Obama. 

In all seriousness, a new issue does arrive when Jeff discovers his replacement will be a white man named Mike Lowry. Because the town of Freeland is predominantly black, Jeff fears that a white man won’t be able to understand the students’ issues. When Napier points out that Lowry is qualified, Jeff fires back, “If he's so damn qualified, then why do I have to shuck and jive for Massah Lowry?” I suppose it's a good thing he didn't use this line when talking about President Bush.

Still, Jeff does step down as principal and offer his support for his successor. He behaves differently publicly than he does privately, much like some politicians. Perhaps the show should just follow Jeff’s words and not play politics at all.

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