'Preacher' Mocks Gluttonous, Obese Version of Pope

AMC’s Preacher is no stranger to controversy obviously, but the worst of the worst usually comes from the original graphic novel. The fact that the show feels confident enough to bring it to screen says more about our society than anything I could type. The latest casualty this week is the Pope.

The July 22 episode “The Coffin” focuses a bit more on the organization called The Grail which, as we know, is a violent organization that keeps an inbred Messiah to bring about the Second Coming. I’m not sure what that Second Coming is since this is about as far from Christianity as you can get, but that’s not the point for now.

More importantly, this episode features the first appearance of a notable character from the graphic novel known as Allfather D'Aronique, leader of The Grail. For anyone fortunate enough not to read the book, the Allfather comes across as essentially a ruthless, gluttonous, morbidly obese version of the Pope with absolutely no shame. Unfortunately for the rest of the country, we now have video for that grotesque image.  



Herr Starr: Allfather?

Allfather: Blessed. Blessed. Thrice blessed are you, O Starr.

Herr Starr: Blessed are we, O Allfather. You're looking well. Your stomach staples must be holding this time.

Allfather: They are not. I had my gastroenterologist beheaded yesterday.

Herr Starr: Of course. Proportionate and wise.

Allfather: Tell me, Starr -- what do you know about a man named... ...Jesse Custer?

The phrase “no one needed to see that” comes to mind. I suppose if the Bible, Jesus, and God Himself are fair game that the Pope shouldn’t be far behind, even if it’s just his image. Then again, it’s not like this show ever cared about respecting religion in the first place.

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