'Madam Secretary' Fantasizes About Hillary Holding Russian Leakers 'Accountable'

December 11th, 2017 12:13 AM

There's no doubt that CBS’s Madam Secretary was inspired from the beginning by former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. Despite an overcrowded season of topics ranging from fake news stories to the Earth fighting back against global warming, the show finally returns to its roots for another Hillary fantasy. This time, she takes on the infamous but also fictional Russian leaks.

The December 10 episode “Minefield” continues a growing plot of the administrative team discovering a leak of military secrets to the Russians from within the United States government itself. Unlike the real-life, year-long investigation that has found next to nothing regarding Russian collusion, Henry McCord’s (Tim Daly) CIA team quickly discovers proof of Majority Leader Beau Carpenter (John Cullum) leaking information to foreign agents. His reason? Bailing his son out of a potential prison sentence after borrowing from Russian bankers.

The allusions to Trump’s nonexistent Russian connections or those of his son are fortunately limited in this episode, but the show is clearly airing out some of its Russia grievances. Henry confronts Carpenter on the results of his leaks saying, “I sent courageous, dedicated Americans into the field, and they trusted us. They trusted you to have their backs, and you... betrayed them. So you could keep your son out of a Club Fed for a couple of years? What about their families? Those families won't even know how they died. I can barely live with it. How can you?” The bold words cause Carpenter to crumble in murmurs of “What have I done?” as he recognizes the consequences of his selfish actions. I can almost see the liberals salivating at the thought of this moment occurring in real life with President Trump.

Then there’s also the final words by Madam Secretary herself Elizabeth McCord (Téa Leoni). She declares, "Russia just pulled off the highest-level infiltration of our government in our history. And I intend to do everything in my power to hold them accountable." Even I can imagine the former presidential candidate saying this line, mostly because Hillary enjoys holding everyone accountable except herself. The idea of the good and daring woman leading the charge against Russia following “the highest-level infiltration” of the government must have practically wrote itself for this show. Too bad for them that this world is fictional.

Sadly, that’s not all we’re left with at the end. The episode drops multiple hints that Elizabeth could be seeking a presidential run eventually. With such an audacious threat from Russian agents, I'm sure there’s still one more political event these liberal writers would like to rewrite.