Journalists Freak Out on Twitter: Pro-Life 'Extremists 'Want to Kill' Women

December 1st, 2015 11:53 AM

After a gunman entered a Planned Parenthood clinic in Colorado Springs on Black Friday, wounding nine people and killing another three, journalists were quick to blame conservatives, Fox News and the pro-life movement for the violent tragedy.

The knee-jerk reaction for more gun control was implicitly there, but the media went even further this time, demanding censorship of pro-life speech. Why should they stop at challenging one amendment?

Here are some of the worst examples of journalists blaming pro-lifers for the violence that ensued last week:

Vox’s “energy” blogger David Roberts outrageously claimed that pro-life extremists “want to kill” women.

Ardent feminist and columnist for the Guardian, Jessica Valenti, claimed that “anti-choice extremists” knew “what kind of language” would incite violence that they “intended” violence – while she called for a stop to speech and activity by pro-lifers.

Jamil Smith, senior editor for The New Republic agreed, saying that we needed to “stop pretending” that “anti-abortion rhetoric” didn’t cause this act of violence.

Cenk Uygur of The Young Turks claimed that “pro life’ terrorists” had killed “infinitely” more cops than Black Lives Matter activists.

At the same time, Amanda Marcotte echoed that “anti-choice” people were inherently violent (as opposed to “pro-choicers”) and could “whip out a gun” at any moment.

While they accuse pro-life speech, the media virtually ignored a stunning example of rhetoric influencing violence from their own side. In 2012, Floyd Lee-Corkins cited the Southern Poverty Law Center’s anti-conservative, pro-gay marriage stance as his inspiration for attempting to shoot up the conservative, pro-life Family Research Council that year.

While he directly cited a liberal organization’s rhetoric, the media turned a blind-eye to the incident. In other words, the media only cover “inspired violence” when it fits with their agenda.