Liberal Media Scream ‘F**K Off’ Over ‘Abortion Memo’ in NYT

February 2nd, 2018 2:54 PM

The liberal media are all for tolerance – but all bets are off when op-ed columnists question adherence to abortion.

On Thursday, The New York Times published op-ed columnist David Brooks on his “Abortion Memo.” In his “imaginary” memo on “late-term abortions,” a Democratic consultant advised Democratic leaders to end the party’s obsession over abortion.

“How much is our position on late-term abortions hurting us?” the consultant began, referencing a recently failed attempt by lawmakers to ban abortion after 20 weeks. “How many progressive priorities are we giving up just so we can have our way on this one?”

He credited pro-life voters for the elections of both Ronald Reagan and Donald Trump to the presidency, and asked the Democrats to imagine “what would happen if Roe v. Wade was overturned.”

“The pro-life movement would turn its attention away from national elections,” the imaginary consultant stressed. “Single-issue anti-abortion voters would no longer be automatic Republicans. The abortion debate would no longer be an absolutist position on one side against an absolutist position on the other.”

But instead of taking the “memo” as food for thought, media figures and commentators went berserk on Twitter.

“I'm so fucking done,” began feminist and Guardian columnist Jessica Valenti. “Honestly, FUCK this dishonest bullshit. You know what I'm not willing to tolerate? Dead women. Women being forced to carry dying fetuses.” (Forget that the 20-week ban included exceptions for life of the woman.)

Foreign Policy and New York Times contributor Bethany Allen-Ebrahimian added, “If this doesn't make any sense to you, let me explain: David Brooks has never been pregnant.” Her Foreign Policy colleague, Shelbie Bostedt, continued, “hey david brooks how about you fuck right off.”

For her part, Aubrey Hirsch, who has also written for The New York Times, added, “FUCK YOU, David Brooks.” Similarly, Courtney Enlow, who has appeared in outlets like Bustle and Glamour, continued, “ you David Brooks” and worried that her “throbbing vein behind my eye” might “explode.”

Similarly, Shareblue editor Kaili Joy Gray warned, “Fuck you, David Brooks, with a coat hanger.”

Seems to be a theme here, doesn’t there?

Rewire analyst Imani Gandy hoped “he has to pee every 15 minutes and during his 5th trip to the can, his toilet gets clogged.” She later also hoped he “finds a fly in his soup at lunch today,” or, rather, an “infinite number of flies.”

Former Guardian writer Alana Massey posted a picture of a hole in the wall with the caption, “I am invoicing David Brooks for the hole I literally just kicked in my wall reading this.”

For his part, Mother Jones editorial director Ben Dreyfuss concluded, “it’s actually just the laziest dumb shit i’ve ever read in my life.”

Huffington Post columnist Jamil Smith bashed the “rubbish.” Reporting for HuffPo, Laura Bassett referred to the piece as a “waking nightmare.” Another colleague, Emma Gray, charged that “his writing indicates he hardly recognizes that women are full human beings.”

GQ Magazine writer Nathaniel Friedman declared that Brooks “has absolutely no idea what he’s talking about here.” His colleague, Jay Willis, offered $5 to the heroic NYT employee who locks David Brooks out of the CMS,” or content management system for posting stories.

Making fun of the recent attempt by pro-life lawmakers to ban abortion after 20 weeks, Allure magazine editor Hayley MacMillen called for a “a ban on David Brooks columns after the first 20 words.”

In disbelief, Nylon writer Angela Lashbrook asked “Sorry, but um, is David Br**ks arguing against Roe v Wade?”

Freelance writer Stephanie Russell-Kraft‏ attacked the piece as “sexist,” “dismissive,” and just plain “wrong.” Another freelancer, Carey Purcell, complained, “Now I'll be up all night, fuming.”

The Root and ThinkProgress writer Preston Mitchum “almost stopped breathing from how ridiculous it is,” while BitchMedia columnist Britni de la Cretaz was “so angry” she was “shaking.”

New Yorker editor Lauretta Charlton responded with a “memo” about Brooks’ “pie hole” while Bleacher Report writer Natalie Weiner concluded that Brooks “should not have a job writing op-eds.”

This isn’t the first time the media have viciously bashed New York Times columns against abortion. Last year, media shrieked “fuck off” another op-ed said Democrats “must stop being the “Abortion Party.” A few months later, feminist media attacked what they called a “bullshit” pro-life op-ed written by “terrorists.”