Feminist Media Bash ‘Bulls***’ NYT Pro-Life Op-Ed by ‘Terrorists’

May 9th, 2017 3:20 PM

One of the (many) problems with the “pro-choice” movement is that it can’t stand others’ choices. Take, for example, a recent NYT op-ed against counting human persons as mere economic objects. From the feminist media’s foul-mouthed outrage, you’d almost think the writer was talking about killing babies.

Oh wait. She was.

On Tuesday, The New York Times published “The Problem With Linking Abortion and Economics” in the Opinion Pages. Lori Szala, client services director at Human Coalition, criticized the “profoundly dehumanizing” argument that abortion is essential for women to “scramble up the economic ladder without children holding them back.” Instead of trying to understand her, feminist writers slammed the “New York Fucking Times” for the “bullshit” written by “terrorists.”

The economic-abortion argument “reduces mothers and their children to mere economic objects, and amounts to saying we are justified in killing those who impede our economic progress,” Szala stressed in her op-ed.

After retelling the story of her own teenage pregnancy, Szala attempted to unite both abortion supporters and the pro-life movement:

We should all agree, whether anti-abortion or pro-choice, that abortion is not a solution to the host of systemic injustices driving poverty. Progressives cannot continue to claim every effort to reduce abortion is anti-woman and will lead to ruin and disaster. And conservatives must do more than tell abortion-seeking women to ‘go in peace and keep warm and well fed.’

But, against Szala’s wishes, the feminist media didn’t “agree.” Not even close. Instead, they read it as a threat.

“Oh fuck off,” Rewire’s senior legal analyst Imani Gandy began the feminist Twitter tirade. Refinery29’s community manager Angela Lashbrook also reacted to the “bullshit.”



One of the lengthiest outbursts came from Renee Bracey Sherman, who writes for outlets like The Huffington Post. “More anti-abortion op-eds in @nytopinion by extremists, ignoring race & written by people who haven't had abortions,” she bashed, before later adding, “STOP LETTING ANTI-ABORTION TERRORISTS WRITE OP-EDS VOID OF FACT.”




The Huffington Post’s senior front page editor Chloe Angyal commended Sherman for her efforts. “Read the oped, then read this thread, which was written someone who actually understands abortion,” she said of Sherman, who has had an abortion.

Lauren Rankin, who writes for outlets like Allure, Cosmopolitan and Refinery29 (when she’s not serving as an abortion clinic escort), went hysterical: “THE NEW YORK FUCKING TIMES PUBLISHED AN OP-ED THAT LABELS ABORTION ‘KILLING’ AND I AM COMPLETELY DONE.”



In a Twitter rage, she insisted, “Abortion IS an economic issue. It's also a human rights issue, a constitutional rights issue, a MORAL issue, a BASIC LIBERTY issue. ENOUGH.”



Mikki Kendall, who writes for outlets like The Washington Post and The Guardian, added “[M]y pressure can't take the stupid today.”

Feminist writer Jill Fillipovic also weighed in. “Women who seek abortions and can't get them find themselves worse off economically,” and later added, “Abortion means better economic opportunity for women. It means better and less fearful sex.”




 Abortion also represented a “fundamental question of freedom, independence & building the lives we want.” That, and responsibility.

“If you can't afford a child, don't want a child, or don't want to carry a pregnancy to term for any reason, abortion is responsible,” she argued. “And it's not ‘taking responsibility’ to force a woman to carry a pregnancy to term. For many, ending a pregnancy IS taking responsibility.”




Bustle’s features editor Gabrielle Moss inserted, “You know what my #1 need was when I was an ‘abortion-seeking woman’? Getting an abortion.”



“[P]ro-life morons never see the hypocrisy in bestowing full humanity on a fetus at the mother's expense while calling abortion ‘dehumanizing,’” declared Callie Beusman, who writes for Broadly and Vice.



As the social media outreach manager for Rewire, Stacey Burns interpreted, “It's like the NYT went to an abortion clinic and begged one of the unhinged protesters on the sidewalk to put her howls to print.”

“Holy shit,” tweeted Tauriq Moosa, writer for outlets like The Guardian and The Daily Beast. “It reads like 1 of those badly written anti-abortion blogs with awful images to try shock you into equating ‘dead babies’ with abortion.”



Jessica Blankenship, managing editor for Refinery29, used similar language. “Arguing that women only have abortions for lack of financial support is some of the most reductive, agency-robbing, objectifying shit ever.”

“Does @nytimes have a quota requiring them to run a certain number of people who compare abortion to the Holocaust,” complained Fusion writer Katie McDonough (and no, Szala didn’t use the word “holocaust” once in the op-ed).

“Gonna pitch @nytopinion with an "#actually, abortion is good" column,” trolled Jesse Berney, who writes for Rolling Stone and Cosmopolitan.



Irin Carmon, formerly with MSNBC and now with The Washington Post, tweeted, “Wish oped writers like this were at least asked to contend with or acknowledge reproductive justice activism.”

This isn’t the first time the feminist media have gone attack-mode on pro-life voices. In March, NYT similarly published an op-ed calling on Democrats to “stop being the abortion party.” To which the feminist media responded, “fuck off.”