Racists Demand Muslim Cashier 'Leave This Country,' Push Over Man in Wheelchair on Fox’s ‘Star’

October 18th, 2017 11:45 PM

In the October 18 episode of Fox’s Star, titled "It Ain't Over," the paralyzed Black Lives Matter activist boyfriend of Alexandra (Ryan Destiny), Derek (Quincy Brown), is encouraged to stop moping around the house and get out to start living his life again. He musters up the courage to do so but it doesn’t end well.

A very frustrated Alex is at her wits end to get Derek back to living a somewhat normal life. She tells him he needs to do what he was doing before he was injured at a Black Lives Matter protest by encouraging him to attend a BLM meeting. Of course. Instead, he gets out in his wheelchair and goes to the store. As a fellow shopper is helping him retrieve an item off a high shelf, Derek hears an argument coming from the cashier and a customer.

The cashier is a Muslim woman in a hijab and the customer was a white man and his brother. In order to drive the point home that white men are racist, the older brother berates the cashier as she asks for his I.D. when he asks to purchase two packs of cigarettes. It went downhill from there.



Nick: Two packs of cigs and, uh, two packs of chew.
Soraya: Uh, can I see some I.D.?
Nick: You asking me for my I.D.? I'm an American. Where's your damn I.D.?
Soraya: I don't want any trouble. I just...
Nick: Shut up. I lost my damn job over some politically correct bull like this. You people taking everything from us. That Chinaman fired me...

Soraya: I didn't take anything from you, and I suggest that you leave.
Nick: You leave this country. Leave something for my kid brother.
Derek: Hey, Yo. It's time to get out of here. Come on.
Brother: Stay out of this, gimp.
Nick: Attaboy.
Derek: Hey, I said leave her alone, man. It ain't no... Wh-what's the issue? No!
Soraya: Hey!
Nick: Oh!
Soraya: Go! Get out! You all right? Can I do anything to help you? Sir.

So, there you go. White men blame a Muslim woman and a “Chinaman” for their personal problems. The stereotypes don’t get any lazier, do they? This is what liberals think the country has become under President Trump. Oh, brother. Instead of a feel-good scene as Derek gets the courage to be self-sufficient again, we are subjected to the social justice warrior’s victimization. What a shame.