Priest Hooks Up With Teen Boy on 'Family Guy'

January 16th, 2017 2:06 AM

FOX’s Family Guy loves to mock the Christian faith, as seen time and time again, but this week they went so far as to talk about an eighth grader having sex with a Catholic priest.

On Sunday’s episode “Gronkowsbees,” Stewie and Brian discuss a new honey product Stewie is working on. When Brian says it can be a great success, Stewie responds stating, “I feel like an eighth grader who just had sex.” The scene then cuts to a boy bragging about hooking up with a Catholic priest.

Brian: I gotta say you’re good at it. You know, you could probably sell this stuff. 
Stewie: Really? You think it's that good? 
Brian: Yeah, plus it's local. It's straight from the hive. People at farmers' markets would go nuts for this. You know, you could probably charge, like, $20, $30 a jar. 
Stewie: Oh, now I'm excited about this, Brian. I feel like an eighth grader who just had sex. 
Boy 1: So, you go all the way? 
Boy 2: Oh, yeah. 
Boy 3: I'm gonna need some proof. 
Boy 2: Hmm, how can I prove it? Maybe with Father O’Leary’s briefs. 
Boy 1: Oh! 
Boy 3: The king. 
Priest: He said he loved me. 

Gross. Of course, creator Seth MacFarlane will bring down the Catholic Church whenever he sees an opportunity. This pedophile priest hysteria is something Hollywood liberals just love to keep alive.