'Family Guy' Slams God as a 'Dick,' Portrays Jesus as a Dad

December 4th, 2016 11:44 PM

Seth MacFarlane strikes again at Jesus on Family Guy, and just in time for Christmas…how thoughtful.

On FOX’s Sunday night episode “Carter and Tricia,” Peter is speaking with Tricia Takanawa, who his father-in-law is now seeing, and exclaims he wants her to think he's a good son, "not like how Jesus feels about his kid." Clearly MacFarlane is harping on the idea that Jesus was married and had children. Along with that garbage, they also poke fun at His sacrifice and make God seem like a “dick” for sending Jesus to die for our sins.

Boy: Dad, I got bullied at school. They flipped up my lunch tray! 
Jesus: Oh, that sucks. I wonder if that's the worst thing that ever happened to a guy? Whoa. Whoa! Billy, this guy in this book here-- he's really getting the business-- yikes! Okay, I'm sorry. What happened at school today? 
Boy: You're kind of a dick, Dad. 
Jesus: Huh. I wonder if there's anyone in here whose dad was a bigger dick. Wow! Crazy! 

Truly disgraceful. I can’t imagine finding the humor in this. But hey, that’s liberal Hollywood. In their eyes, Christianity is nothing but a punchline.