One Patient Mourns Stillbirth, Another Chooses Life on NBC's 'New Amsterdam'

November 12th, 2019 11:47 PM

After multiple episodes promoting abortion this season, New Amsterdam finally incorporated pro-life choices and attitudes on Tuesday night.

In the episode “What the Heart Wants,” a pregnant woman named Gabriella is rushed to the ER needing medical attention. She keeps asking the doctors to help her baby, not just her. Sadly, Gabi’s daughter Sofie had a heart defect that caused her to be stillborn. Gabi’s tragic loss hits close to home for Dr. Max Goodwin who has been struggling all season to let go of his dead wife Georgia.

After the stillbirth, Max encourages Gabi to meet Sofie, fearing if she never says hello, she won’t be able to say goodbye and deal with the grief of losing her child. 

Also this week, Ella (who is carrying Dr. Vijay Kapoor’s grandchild) comes to his office to let him know she’s made a decision. In an earlier episode, she told him she wasn’t sure if she’d keep the child. It was obvious then, that Vijay wanted her to have the baby, but Dr. Iggy Frome insisted he needed to keep his pro-life opinion to himself.

In a very touching scene this week, Ella tells Vijay she will choose life after all.



Vijay: “Ella.”

Ella: “I’ve been thinking a lot about everything. And I think I finally. I think I figured out what I really want. I’m. I’m keeping the baby.”

Vijay: Sits down, clearly relieved and asks, “Really?”

Ella: “Yeah, really.”

After smiling and hugging each other, Vijay adds, “Thank you. Thank you.”