MRC’s Dan Gainor: AP Coverage of Muslim Shooter Is ‘Propaganda’

MRC Vice President of Business and Culture Dan Gainor called out the media for downplaying an Islamic connection to a recent shooting in Fresno, California.

Kori Ali Muhammad, a black Muslim allegedly gunned down three white individuals and shouted “Allahu Akbar” when he was arrested. However the Associated Press tweeted the phrase in English as “God is Great.” The story only admitted later the Arabic phrase was uttered and the gunman was Muslim.

Intelligence Report anchor Trish Regan asked Gainor on April 19, if this was “another example” of the media wanting to cover up certain issues.

Gainor told Fox Business Network viewers, “Of course it is. This is exactly what President Trump said when he said the media didn’t cover terrorism well. They cover it up, they don’t cover it. You look at how they’ve done this, whether it’s the alleged Muslim travel ban, they do everything that CAIR — the Council of American Islamic Relations does. It’s a pressure group, but ends up meaning that the media produce propaganda, not news.”

Regan asked why the media do this and he replied, “What they’ve done is turn a religion that has 1.6 billion people into a victim group. And anytime they’ve got a victim group, they want to cover up what goes on.”

“The reality here is most of the terrorism that goes on, you can find attacks from the mideast to Europe to, unfortunately, America — these are attacks generally caused by radical Islam.”

Gainor argued a person of any faith could say “God is great,” whereas everyone knows “Allahu Akbar” is an Arabic phrase used by Muslims. Gainor said “to hide that is propaganda.”

Regan pushed back a little on that point, saying she suspected the shooter was Muslim when she read “God is great” and heard his name.

They also discussed a recent MRC analysis which found President Donald Trump received extremely hostile press treatment — with 89 percent negative coverage of him.

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