Wyoming’s GOP Gov Freaks Out Over New Law Protecting Girls Sports

March 22nd, 2023 12:42 PM

Wyoming Gov. Mark Gordon Wyoming has become the 19th state to legislatively uphold the sanctity of women’s sports. No thanks to the numbskull governor who seems to believe the gender-bending alphabet fascists are the good guys. Republican Gov. Mark Gordon allowed the bill to pass into law without signing it, then called the law “discriminatory” and “overly draconian.” 

Has the governor not been paying attention to this huge national debate about fake “transgenders” pretending to be girls and robbing them of competitive rights and honors? It appears he is very confused. 

Cheesy dudes who identify as female are hereby ineligible to compete on women’s teams, thanks to Wyoming’s piece of commonsense legislation. The “Student eligibility in interscholastic sports” law prohibits males from competing on teams designated for females.  
Also, public schools cannot entertain any debate or open an investigation about why Johnny can’t play with the girls. No woke weasels can complain or throw a tantrum in an effort to try to qualify a boy for a girls’ team. And that’s final. The law goes into effect this summer. 
Gov. Gordon wrote a letter of protest to Wyoming’s Secretary of State Chuck Gray describing the law as “discriminatory” and “overly draconian.” Appearing to swallow the LGBTQABCD attempts to blur the genders hook, line and sinker, he claimed the new law “pays little attention to fundamental principles of equality.” Additionally, the governor’s letter said: 

“While I freely acknowledge the intent of this legislation is well-meaning as a way to protect the integrity and fairness of women’s sports in our state, by enacting an outright ban on transgender individuals participating in team sports I believe Wyoming sends a harmful message that these individuals and their families do not deserve the same opportunities as others.” 

That dubious claim comes right out of the alphabet mob’s playbook. It assumes that if a boy confused about his gender can’t play on a girls team, there is no alternative, and that’s just plain nonsense. The governor cannot get it through his thick head that boys have ample opportunities to play on boys sports teams, where they belong.  

Terry Schilling, the president of the American Principles Project, supported the law and slammed the governor’s flawed arguments. I hope the governor listened to his commonsense statement that “Men cannot become women, period. However they identify, males will still retain the athletic advantages that come with their biological sex. 

“It’s not at all ‘draconian’ or ‘discriminatory’ to limit girls’ athletics to girls; in fact, it’s simple commonsense that polling shows most Americans agree with. It’s unfortunate some of our leaders have been duped into believing such a policy is somehow controversial.” 

There are only four transgender students competing in school athletics in Wyoming, but this tiny minority wants special rights allowing them to disrupt the playing field for girls’ sports throughout the Cowboy State. The Left wants to let this small number of confused boys to ruin sports for Wyoming’s female athletes across the state. 

Casper Star-Tribune report noted that Wyoming Equality Executive Director Sara Burlingame indicated local and national groups are planning a legal challenge to the new law. She said, “The passage of this bill anticipates and even demands a lawsuit in order to trigger the statewide eligibility commission. A lawsuit would likely be filed after the law takes effect July 1. 

“We join the governor in wondering why this option wasn’t pursued rather than the ‘overly draconian’ measure that will ban some Wyoming children from participating in sports.” 

Much work remains for those trying valiantly to keep male intruders out of female sports, along with legal protection for the states already passing protective laws for girls. Thirty-one states have not banned the injustice, and Schilling hopes many more will do the right thing and stop this insidious movement.