USA Today Makes Pathetic Plea for Jack Nicklaus to Urge Trump to Accept Defeat

November 13th, 2020 3:05 PM

Christine Brennan, USA TodaySo far, the left-stream media has been unable to persuade President Donald Trump that there is no evidence of voter fraud and he should accept defeat. On Thursday, this prompted USA Today sports writer Christine Brennan to pressure 80-year-old golfing legend Jack Nicklaus to do their dirty work for them.

Brennan used a press conference at the Masters golf tournament in Georgia to try and convince Nicklaus to talk the president off the cliff:

Two weeks ago, Jack Nicklaus shocked many in the sports world with a full-throated public endorsement of Donald Trump, calling the controversial president "more diverse than any president I have seen," and warning about "a socialist America" if Trump was not re-elected.

After firing off ceremonial tee shots at the Masters Thursday morning, Nicklaus and Gary Player appeared in a press conference where Brennan badgered Nicklaus about politics:

As you know, I wanted to speak with you before I wrote my column about your very public support of President Trump. I’d love to ask this now if I may. You are known as the ultimate gracious sportsman in the game of golf and really throughout sports, certainly with your career, with Ryder Cups, the way you’ve handled victory and defeat and the like. I’m just curious: What is your advice to President Trump on how to accept defeat?

Nicklaus responded, “I think I’ve said enough about that. I don’t think this is the place for politics.”

Brennan often politicizes sports in her work for USA Today. She also disregards the scandals of dead people casting ballots and hundreds of affidavits swearing the presence of rampant voting irregularities.

She blew off the whistle blowers and -- like other media lemmings -- dismissed any evidence of voter fraud: "Trump has refused to concede to Biden while complaining about voter fraud without any evidence. The Trump administration also has denied the Biden team access to the traditional transition funds normally allocated to a new president."

Trump also needs to go, said Brennan, because he "has consistently and reprehensibly denigrated women and people of color, including Vice President-elect Kamala Harris; who has been accused of sexually assaulting or sexually harassing at least 26 women; who has waged war on Black athletes who speak out about injustice; and who has called white nationalists 'very fine people,' among many other awful comments."

Brennan's Thursday story said the topic of accepting defeat graciously is in the news "because that is exactly what Trump has not done since Joe Biden became the president-elect Saturday." 

Nicklaus could have allowed Brennan to dupe him into sending a public message to President Trump about how to lose with grace and dignity. "Unfortunately, he didn't take it," Brennan concludes.

Many in the media derided Republicans for using a landscaping business in Philadelphia last weekend to announce forthcoming election-related lawsuits. But now a left-stream media lemming is pathetically trying to use a golf tournament and an octogenarian golfer to settle the outcome of a disputed presidential election.

It's an errant shot. Fore!