USA Today Acknowledges NBA's All-Out War on Trump

October 28th, 2020 12:52 PM

Super Voting CentersLeBron James and other social justice warriors in the NBA have been talking a lot about "change" this year, and a USA Today story confirmed that it's a full-fledged war on President Donald Trump's bid for re-election.

"It was two months ago that the NBA declared war on President Trump’s 2020 campaign," said Gregg Doyel, an Indianapolis Star writer whose story made national news by appearing in USA Today. He's referring to the day the NBA instigated pro sports boycotts after Kenosha, Wisconsin police shot alleged sex offender Jacob Blake.

Doyel went on to write that a revolution began that day in August, when athletes refused to play, and the final battle will be waged next week on Election Day.

A political revolution was underway, and, "[t]he NBA was taking aim at President Trump’s campaign for re-election," Doyel said. Dozens of sports arenas across America are being turned into polling places November 3 in hopes of turning out Biden voters to defeat Trump.:

"Oh, you’ve been conscripted into the NBA players’ war on President Trump’s bid for re-election. Some would call you freedom fighters. Others, pawns. Whatever our political leanings, we cannot argue the historical nature – the unvarnished attack – of what we’ve been watching in a movement triggered nearly five months ago by LeBron James and sparked anew in August by (the Milwaukee Bucks George) Hill (who pushed for the Blake boycott)."

When the NBA ended its brief boycott, it amounted to the NBA tacitly approving its war on President Trump’s 2020 campaign by offering nearly 20 arenas as election sites (the above ABC News graphic shows which states will have pro sports election centers) – places to register, to vote early, and/or to vote on Nov. 3, Doyel wrote.

Doyel confirmed the bottom line was to, without actually naming names, "vote President Trump out of office in favor of Democratic challenger Joe Biden."

James is a big Democrat supporter who started an organization called More Than a Vote in hopes of battling -- no, not voter fraud! -- voter suppression. It's recruited more than 10,000 election volunteers to work in predominantly Black electoral districts.

Doyel said James "has declared war on President Trump. Not by name, anyway. He doesn’t have to; his position has been well known since the 2016 election when he made an appearance at a Hillary Clinton rally. In a lengthy interview in June with The New York Times about his More Than a Vote initiative, LeBron didn’t mention President Trump":

"Few people around the NBA are saying his name, but their objective is clear.

"And it is not: Vote.

"Rather: Vote him out."

No, President Trump’s name is never mentioned by SJW athletes. But the key words are obvious, Doyel noted, "especially this one: 'change.' ”

The Left is fearful of voter suppression because President Trump opposed mail-in ballots out of concern for voter fraud. Clearly taking sides, Doyel says the president's opponents see that as more suppression.

Doyel denied that the 50-plus sports arena Election Super Centers (including the NBA, NFL, MLB and college arenas and stadiums) "would appear to be another all-out campaign against President Trump’s re-election," but they're actually bipartisan. NBA coach and Trump hater Doc Rivers and Lawrence Wilkerson, a Republican who served as chief of staff to LIBERAL Republican former Secretary of State Colin Powell, have been co-directing the effort. How comforting to people fearing Democrat shenanigans at these suspect voting centers!

Another Super Centers official is Eugene Jarecki, a filmmaker and author who created the “Trump Death Clock,” a 56-foot billboard in New York City’s Times Square on the COVID-19 death toll in America:

"I want to get between 50 and 100 arenas open across the country. I think each one of them can process about 40,000 people. So do the math on how huge that could be."

As Doyel put it, "That’s between 2 million and 4 million voters, welcomed into their homes by NBA and other sports franchises who have made their preference clear: Biden, not Trump."

The whole thing feels almost apocryphal, Doyel said. The 2020 presidential election "will cause great celebration or mourning, depending on your point of view ... One way or another, the NBA revolution against the 45th president of the United States is nearing an end. However it turns out, may God help us. Or forgive us."

If President Trump survives all the forces aligned against him, it could be grounds for more of the NBA's crybaby pouting stunts in the future.