CNN Makes Room for 'Valuable Opinions' From Lefty Bob Costas

July 21st, 2020 10:00 AM

Bob CostasBob Costas is set to bring "valuable opinions" as a contributor to a new employer -- CNN. Some of those opinions made him very unpopular during his many years at NBC, where he bloviated about gun control, the future of football and team nicknames during NFL broadcasts. He left NBC, for whom he also hosted the Olympics for 24 years, in 2017, not on the best of terms. 

CNN will be the perfect new home for Costas and his "valued opinions." The media demand for lefties is always there.

A breathless, unnamed staff writer at Barrett Sports Media's blog called Costas "legendary." BSM reports Costas "will be used immediately to discuss issues relating to the restart of team sports in the United States."

Another Costas fanboy is Jeff Zucker, CNN president and WarnerMedia and Sports chairman, who's feeling that Chris Matthews-style thrill up the leg, too. He says so in a CNN press release:

"Bob Costas is a legendary, respected voice across the spectrum of sports and beyond. As the world continues to change amid the coronavirus pandemic, we are confident that Bob’s insightful analysis will help our viewers better understand what the future holds as the sports and teams we love evolve to meet this moment.”

Gun grabbers everywhere relate to Costas. No doubt, they fondly recall his attack on the Second Amendment in a 2012 Sunday Night Football broadcast, when he said the gun culture increases more deadly domestic disputes. Why not? Who doesn't want to be defenseless against violent maniacs taking out their anger on the world?:

"Our current gun culture simply ensures that more and more domestic disputes will end in the ultimate tragedy, and that more convenience-store confrontations over loud music coming from a car will leave more teenage boys bloodied and dead."

More and more major pro sports leagues are soon to start up again, and CNN is depending on Costas to provide the leftists' perspective on all the action ... off the field.

Come to think of it, Black Lives Matter could use one more voice decrying police brutes and systemic racism. BLM can count on Bob to deliver.

BSM celebrates Costas's name recognition and his gravitas. He's the only TV on-air talent who's won the Emmy Award for sports, news and entertainment shows. That's the reward that comes with condemning the Second Amendment, sports mascots names, labeling the Russian Winter Olympics the "homophobic games" (winning a GLAAD gold medal) and other leftist tripe.

Costas should have plenty of "valuable opinions" as Major League Baseball, the NBA, NHL and other leagues start up in the next weeks, followed by the NFL in September. He'll "command the respect of CNN’s entire audience, even those that are not sports fans," the anonymous BSM writer crows.

Ah, yes, there will be a treasure trove of valuable opinions for Costas to address: on the nicknames of the Cleveland Indians, Atlanta Braves, Kansas City Chiefs and Edmonton Eskimos. Even though the Golden State Warriors aren't going to join the NBA's return, their nickname is fair game, too. Why waste valuable air time with relevant topics anyway? That's Bob Costas's forte; he's been called a fountain of useless information by critics.

Costas and Zucker can look forward to an emotional, if not teary-eyed, reunion. They worked together previously at NBC on Olympic coverage.