Social Media Stunt: Supporters Voting Kaepernick for NFL Pro Bowl

December 1st, 2018 10:00 AM

Mid-term elections weren't the only American elections making news in November. Since Thursday, NFL fans have had the opportunity to cast votes for their favorite players to appear in the Pro Bowl game in Orlando Jan. 27, 2019. A Twitter campaign by "Resist Programming" is encouraging fans to vote -- gulp! -- for inactive free agent and social justice warrior Colin Kaepernick (center in photo, kneeling with former teammates) as an NFL all-star! 

An NFL website encourages fans to "Have Your Say! Vote now for the 2019 Pro Bowl in Orlando!" Teams such as the Chicago Bears have posted their own sites to spur voting for their players.


Resist Programming, an unknown individual identifying as "Researcher. Interests: Jesus & Justice, Kaepernick, Paul Robeson, BLM, Trekker. Motto: Love People", is trying to gain public support for Kaepernick playing in that game. Even though he's been an unsigned free agent for two years, since last playing for San Francisco in 2016. BLM stands for the controversial anti-police organization Black Lives Matter, strongly supported by Kaepernick and his girlfriend Nessa Diab. Robeson was an African-American actor, NFL player and communist sympathizer who was blacklisted in the McCarthy era.

Kaepernick's all-in with this grassroots effort to, essentially, embarrass the NFL. His Twitter account re-tweeted Resist Programming's message, even though he won't be allowed to appear in the game with the NFL's top stars. Social media voting -- for actual NFL players -- ends Dec. 13.

In his final NFL season, 2016, Kaepernick angered fans nationwide by kneeling for the national anthem. He also wore practice socks representing public safety officers as "pigs," showed support for communist Cuba, tweeted an image likening police to slave patrolmen and tweeted, from Ghana on July 4, 2017, that America is not a land of independence.

In five NFL seasons, Kaepernick won 28 games and lost 30 as a starter. He never earned a spot in a Pro Bowl game. The only way his name can be mentioned in connection with the game featuring the best players in the NFL is through this social media stunt by his supporters.