Pro-Life Champion Lila Rose Debuts Her First Book, ‘Fighting For Life’

May 6th, 2021 12:33 PM

Pro-life champion and Live Action founder Lila Rose just released her first ever book, written to get pro-lifers off the “sidelines” so they can make a “long-lasting impact” on the fight for the rights of unborn babies.

Fighting for Life: Becoming a Force For Change in A Wounded World debuted on Tuesday at major retailers and is already the number one bestseller in Amazon’s “Abortion and Birth Control” category. 

Rather than being a book simply recounting the numerous and gruesome horrors of abortion in the United States and around the world, Rose’s debut book offers a personal account of her journey from a “young girl” passionate about the pro-life values, to becoming a the founder of her own pro-life org, Live Action, and becoming one of the most recognizable champions in the fight for unborn life.

Rose claimed that the purpose of her book is to share the insights she made on her quest to champion pro-life values, so that others may have a guide on what to expect or what opportunities to look for in their own pro-life activist ambitions. “I wrote this book as the guidebook and manual that I wish I had when I was just starting out as a young girl with little experience but a huge calling,” the activist stated in a Facebook post promoting the novel in February.

Amazon’s description for Fighting For Life included a list of some of the guidance that is found in Rose’s book. The book aims to help budding pro-lifers “determine where the need for your gifts is the greatest and begin making a difference, overcome insecurities and imposter syndrome and become a leader through practice,” and to “find inner courage and confidence in the face of obstacles and criticism.” 

Another point included teaching young pro-lifers how to “bounce back from mistakes to continually grow and make a long-lasting impact.”

Clearly it’s about cultivating future generations who are as passionate about pro-life values as Lila Rose, and also about teaching them how to be resourceful and savvy enough to make a difference in the world with their activism.

And what budding young activist would be opposed to learning the ropes from such an experienced and resourceful pro-life advocate? In addition to starting her non-profit, Live Action, at the age of 15, Rose’s body of work includes her working alongside courageous journalists like Project Veritas’s James O’Keefe to expose the evils of the Planned Parenthood, being a frequent pro-life commentator on Fox News’ Hannity and Tucker Carlson Tonight, hosting a popular podcast, The Lila Rose Show, and now becoming the author of a bestselling book.

In her Facebook post, Rose added an inspirational quote for her readers, stating, “I hope Fighting for Life inspires and equips you to have confidence, clarity and encouragement in your own mission to fight.” Congratulations to Lila Rose on her first book!