Seriously Unfunny: Mrs. Obama Unveils Comedy Special Aimed at Getting Out The Vote

September 2nd, 2020 1:02 PM

Would you turn to a Michelle Obama comedy special for a laugh in these turbulent times? Yeah, neither would we. But still, that’s what our pop culture masters have cooked up for us: A voting-themed comedy special made by Michelle Obama and hosted by Kevin Hart.

Deadline reported about the new celebrity-filled comedy/civics special created by Michelle Obama, her voting initiative group, and media platform ATTN: on September 2. “Michelle Obama and her When We All Vote organization will collaborate with ATTN: to bring some comedy to lead up to the 2020 election,” the outlet wrote, adding that the special will be broadcast by ABC.

The September 14 program entitled VOMO: Vote or Miss Out, will be hosted by comedy star Kevin Hart and also feature plenty of Hollywood and political talent. “Tiffany Haddish, Scarlett Johansson, Will Ferrell, Jay Leno, Jaden Smith and Willow Smith” will be the program’s special celebrity guests, as well as Hip Hop radio host (and Louis Farrakhan supporter) Charlamagne Tha God, model/singer Kaia Gerber, Jay Leno, and Tim Allen.

Wow, a conservative on the program. Perhaps it’s not entirely hellish left wing propaganda. 

Former California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, Maryland Governor Larry Hogan, Cindy McCain and Ann Romney rounded out the list of guest stars as well.

According to Deadline, Michelle’s special “will urge viewers to practice their civic duty and vote in the upcoming presidential election in November.” ABC producer Tom Werner elaborated on that point, claiming, “We have a societal responsibility to participate in our country’s democracy. This nonpartisan special will, through comedy, encourage people to vote this November.”

“Non-partisan” sounds ambitious for a political comedy hour produced in a media hellscape dead set on Donald Trump’s exit from the White House. Can we really expect a special put together by Obama to shy away from the Trump bashing or the rhetorical hysterics of saying that our lives are on the line this election?

After all, Mrs. Obama couldn’t avoid the pettiness of saying Donald Trump caused her literal “depression” last month. But yeah this should be inclusive for conservatives. 

But back to the special itself. It was described as a “lineup of comedy bits, stand-up acts and a musical performance.” In between the entertainment, (because it can never just be entertainment anymore) “guests will inform viewers about their role in the 2020 election, share additional information on voting and highlight changes to voting procedures.”

This isn’t the first time Michelle Obama has teamed up with ATTN:. Earlier this year the former first lady and the media platform worked on a social media video series called “A Year of Firsts,” aimed at helping first year college students get ready for their university experience. 

Obama sure likes hand holding, whether that’s leading wide-eyed first year college students through their first days at school, making public school kids eat veggies during lunch or guiding ABC viewers on which Dem to vote for on their 2020 ballots, which she’ll encourage to be mail-in ballots of course.