PBS Promotes Woke Girl Scout Equivalent Dedicated to ‘Social Justice Movements’

July 22nd, 2020 1:35 PM

Radical social justice politics are at the forefront of everything these days. And for the left, people of all ages, including young girls, need structured ways of pushing militant propaganda in the streets. Recently, PBS has been promoting a documentary about a new Girl Scouts-like group that not only teaches girls life skills, character building, and community values, but promotes a general group mission committed to radical Marxist social justice theory. 

Great, start your girls with a bit of the old Bolshevik community building. We bet their Soviet-hating grandfathers would be so proud.

Hollywood gay lobby GLAAD reported on the new documentary about socialist girl scouts that premiered on PBS in July. The film, titled, We Are the Radical Monarchists, takes a fawning in-depth look at the latest all girls’ group to come out of San Francisco. Literally called, “The Radical Monarchists,” the group functions like the Girl Scouts, but instead of encouraging the girls to earn badges for walking old ladies across busy intersections, they get badges for “being an LGBTQ ally,” for learning about “social justice movements" and for participating in “marches.”

We’re betting there’s a merit badge awarded for most molotovs thrown at Bay Area law enforcement. How cute would that be?!

GLAAD wrote that the film is set in the group’s hometown of Oakland, where the “Radical Monarchists were founded in 2014 by a community organizer named Anayvette Martinez and her friend Marilyn Hollinquest. Both ladies (who are queer women of color, of course) wanted a wholesome group for their girls to join that wasn’t as “traditional” as the Girl Scouts.

Not as “traditional” as the Girl Scouts? The Planned Parenthood-loving, LGBTQ-affirming Girl Scouts? These ladies might as well have enrolled their girls in a local Antifa chapter. Well they did the next best thing and made Antifa for kids.

Martinez explained how she came up with her brainchild, telling GLAAD in an interview that, as her daughter became a “young tween of color,” she began “to critically think about and navigate through her identity and radical values.” Of course, as her mother, she decided the best thing for her daughter was to incubate those “radical” ideas along with other budding Bolshevik females.

“I began to imagine what a radical young girl’s social justice troop looked like; a group that centered and affirmed her experiences as a beautiful and brilliant brown girl and where badges could be earned that were tied to Social Justice movement work,” Martinez claimed, adding that her daughter’s eyes “lit up” when mommy told her the plan.

They both presumably shouted “Death to the Patriarchy!” and “Abolish the Police!” with their fists in the air, and followed that up with milk and cookies and a heartwarming mother/daughter embrace.

The documentary apparently has been a hot ticket on the film festival circuit since its debut in 2019. The socialism and community organizing was so strong with this one that even Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez provided her blessing for the young radical group at the SXSW film festival in Austin, TX last year. 

Two Radical Monarchs asked the congresswoman for advice on young girls getting into politics, to which AOC replied, “Stop trying to navigate systems of power, and start building your own power. There are so many subconscious forces that make us try to act like somebody else … but when you’re a woman of color, there are so many things about you that are non-conforming." Yeah ladies, screw the system! Down with conformity. 

And of course, your taxpayer funding is promoting this new radical group for non-conforming, no doubt BLM-supporting young women via PBS, who is showing it on their streaming platform, “PBS POV,” for free. If you’d like PBS to know this is a corruptive, anti-American influence on our children, feel free to email them at feedback@pov.org or call your local WETA station