Comrade Fran: ‘The Nanny’ Actress Tweets ‘Capitalism’ Is The ‘Problem’

March 25th, 2020 1:05 PM

Fran Drescher, everyone’s favorite sitcom babysitter has been touting anti-capitalist rhetoric in recent days. It appears her time working for the wealthy NYC Sheffield family throughout the 90s clued her into the evils of high society.

Though she might want to be grateful that those capitalist pigs gave her a job.

On Tuesday Mar. 24, the star of The Nanny offered a heavy rebuke of the free market system on social media that would’ve made Bernie Sanders or even Lenin proud. Buying into the far-left’s rhetoric she claimed that capitalism has become a cover term for “Ruling Class Elite.”

Yes much in the same way that “ignoramus” has become a cover term for “preachy woke celebrities.”

Fran Drescher responded to a radical socialist account with words of encouragement. The appropriately-named user “Labor Strikes Back” tweeted about the capitalist evil behind getting the economy back on track in the wake of coronavirus: “Of course wealthy owners of capital want labor to return to work. The wealthy have access to testing and treatment. The wealthy won't be left with massive medical debt if they get sick. Labor is being treated as the sacrificial lamb.”

Oh ok, so what’s the alternative? Forcing many struggling working class folks to stay home for three months?

But of course, Drescher loved the ignorant remark. She retweeted the radical post and commented, “I agree. Capitalism has become another word for Ruling Class Elite! When profit is at the expence [sic] of all things of true value, we gotta problem.”

Fran, honey, you’ve got it twisted. There are plenty of things of value attached to a stronger free market economy. Better medical care, stocked grocery stores, your gig on The Nanny.

This was obviously their response to Trump’s musings about avoiding economic disaster by getting people back to work. Many lefties have gone far enough to say that Trump’s got blood on his hands for trying to open up business. We can get some people back to work while taking precautions and it’s dishonest to say that it can’t even be considered. But then again, perhaps “ruling class elitists” see this pandemic as an opportunity for socialism.

Consider Fran’s tweets from the past. She’s been on this communist revolution schtick for a while now. During the 2016 election, Drescher tweeted, “The heart of the problem, all problems w[ith] the world at its core is power & greed fueled by Capitalism. Time for a new deal!” Wow, ok Karl Marx, tone it down there.

Several months later, she tweeted, “its capitalism not democrats. W/o an exploited wrking class Capitalism cant exist. We R all pawns of th ruling class.” Yes, Fran, you and your Hollywood success make you privy to that argument, eh? Or do you honestly feel that they used and abused you by giving you fame and fortune.

If that’s you being exploited, then tell us how to sign up.