Michael Moore Claims ‘Joker’ Mirrors Violence of Trump’s America

October 7th, 2019 12:17 PM

Filmmaker Michael Moore discovered some lefty political inspiration over the weekend after a viewing of new DC comic book film Joker. The Fahrenheit 11/9 director likened the flick to a sort of anti-Trump manifesto, where the “dispossesed decide to fight back” against evil societal forces which mirror our country’s own “Joker Jr.” president, and gun violence.

The “documentary” maker, occasional MSNBC pundit, and hysterical Hollywood lefty posted some Joker commentary to social media Sunday, riding the wave of political interpretations following the release of the comic book film. Where many have tweeted about Joker and his minions being related to antifa, “Occupy Wall Street” types, or even basement dwelling “incels,” Moore saw the film’s theme of revolution in more of a #resistance light.

On his Instagram, Moore posted a photo of Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker and ran the parallels between the devilish villain and the current president of the United States. He wrote, “As ‘Joker’ opens this weekend, Joker Jr. is still sitting in at John F. Kennedy’s desk in the Oval Office on the days he shows up to work, dreaming of his next conquest and debauchery.”

Ah yes, another stellar play from the “Trump is [insert pop culture villain here]” political strategy guide. Make no mistake, Moore is obsessed with “evil genius” Trump and his quest for world domination.

Though Moore’s view on “Joker” included hope for the anit-Trump resistance. He claimed, “Except in the movie version of 'Joker,' a discomfiting question is posed: What if one day the disposessed decided to fight back? And I don’t mean with a clipboard registering people to vote.” Moore explained that the film depicts “why innocent people turn in Jokers after they can no longer keep it together.”

That was as much sense as the rotund hate machine could muster. The director asked, “Who would dare ask why the son of a vice-president of General Electric would go into Sandy Hook Elementary… and blow the tiny bodies apart of 20 first graders?” He also blasted the “53% of white women” who voted for the “presidential candidate who, on tape, reveled in his talent as a sexual predator.”

For Moore, “Joker” displays what happens when people ignore the violence done to fellow man for too long, and even blasted the media and it concerns that the movie is too “violent” as a “ruse” to distract from the fact these terrible American realities.

He has a point, BUT to think that removing a pro-life, pro-1st and 2nd amendment president and replacing him with big government socialist suits who favor the collective at the expense of the individual as the salvation for society's forgotten man shows he’s as ignorant as the people panning the film.