‘Wake The F--k Up’: Eco-Obsessive James Cameron Freaks out About Climate Change

September 10th, 2019 5:15 PM

More wealthy celebrities are coming out of the woodwork to tell you that your life, particularly your eating habits, aren’t working for Mother Earth. When he’s not busy helming those Avatar sequels you didn’t ask for (but you’re still gonna love, dammit) director James Cameron and his health food-obsessed wife are demanding that you “wake the fuck up” for the sake of climate change.

Only good global citizens know that extending their commute by two hours by switching from car to bike, or doubling their grocery bill by switching to Whole Foods is the least they can do to make life more efficient and green.

These days the eco-friendly “power couple” — as Variety described them — are not pulling any punches when it comes to converting carbon-emitters. Sure, Cameron used to use not-so-subtle imagery in his blockbuster movies to mold unsuspecting Gaia-worshippers (remember when there were cases of depression caused by seeing the eco-paradise in Avatar?) but now he’s outright berating people to get with the program.

“People need to wake the fuck up,” the Oscar-winning director told Variety, adding, “We’re going the wrong direction as fast as possible.”

Cameron referenced the criminal hijinks of Hollywood’s Thelma & Louise to explain just how out of hand everything is: “I like to say that we’re like Thelma and Louise. We’re driving straight toward the canyon at 90 miles per hour with the radio cranked up and the top down.” Ok, now we’re listening. Strange, though, that he missed the opportunity for a Titanic reference. Sinking ship, anyone? No?

But, of course, it’s all this super dire hyperbole. And people wonder why our kids suffer from things like “eco-anxiety” or climate change-induced nightmares. But Cameron and his wife offer a simple solution for the panic they’re engendering--and that’s their new low-carbon diet plan.

So, all this for yet another celeb-sponsored fad diet? It seems some things never change.

Variety wrote that “the pair are taking a thorough stab at food sources to contribute to managing the crisis.” Cameron’s wife Suzy has expertise in this field, having “led a charge toward plant-based eating in efforts to reduce the dramatic carbon footprint that meat protein creates.” Mr. Cameron claimed it was the most opportune avenue for the couple to go down, as combating current standards of food consumption is the “least understood” way to save the planet. Yes, the guy who gave us Aliens and Terminator 2 only asks for our precious hamburgers in return.

Both James and Suzy Cameron have invested in plant-based Verdient Foods, a company that hires farms and uses seeds “to make substitutes.” According to Mrs. Cameron, the business works to reduce “the carbon footprint of the meat industry.”

“This is the way the world is going,” she added. “If you look at what the beef industry is investing in and what the dairy industry is investing in: They’re investing in plant-based milk and cheeses and yogurt and meat products.” Good heavens, now that sounds like a dystopian future.

She even had a rebuke for all those virtue-signalling Prius drivers out there, claiming that, though it’s nice they’re eco-conscious with their vehicles, “if you’re driving to McDonald’s? You’re not helping.” For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of Oscar-winners and their holier-than-thou wives.