Kristen Stewart: Tired of Seeing Hetero Films ‘All the ‘F**king Time’

April 26th, 2019 4:20 PM

Hollywood may be one big sexually perverse cesspool, but for it’s languid denizens, it’s still not weird enough. Bisexual actress Kristen Stewart had a lot to say about LGBTQ representation in Hollywood this past week, demanding that the tired old straight people angle needs to go in favor of a whole new set of gay fictional material.

Last time the crew-cutted Stewart made news, it was for declaring that she was “open” to dating men again. (How brave!) The actress most famous for her teeny bopper Twilight role told reporters that it’s about time that queer Hollywood stop helping the cis-cabal put their heterosexual fantasies out on the big screen.

“Oh wait, OK we do our jobs really well, but can we tell our own stories? Because we tell your stories all the fucking time,” Stewart told on Wednesday. Still, the actress sees promise in the current push for diversity. “It’s exciting,” she claimed, but it’s not been nearly enough.

Stewart is just taking the activist line here. GLAAD continuously fusses that TV and movies aren’t gay enough. But in reality, the industry is over-representing these characters. In a Hollywood Reporter article covering the 2019 Oscars, writer Bret Easton Ellis noted that seven out of twenty of the nominated films included some LGBTQ element. Though he was pretty happy with these numbers, he recognized that it ends up being an overrepresentation. According to Easton Ellis’ own numbers, 4.5% of the population is gay, etc., so seven out of 20 (35%) is pretty darned gay.

Still it’s never enough. In this respect, views like Stewart’s become a manipulative power grab. She even considered Hollywood’s portrayal of history to be “huge blind spot.” She claimed, “Those stories [the ones found in period pieces] are only being told very narrowly because queer people have existed forever.”

For Stewart Hollywood should even provide reparations for not representing history’s many, many gays. She claimed, “I would love to go back and pick all your favorite movies and then go: Where are the gay people? And what are they doing, and what are they hiding, and what are they not talking about in those stories? It’s gnarly.” (“Gnarly?”) Yeah because the biggest things missing from Braveheart or Titanic were the R-rated lesbian lesbian sex and the genderqueer Scottish highlanders. On the other hand, maybe we can count all the kilt-wearers as trans ...