Julia Louis-Dreyfus: Clinton, Michelle Wolf Misunderstood, Trump Is ‘Fake President’

March 1st, 2019 11:35 AM

According to Time magazine, Veep star and former Seinfeld leading lady Julie Louis-Dreyfus is a shining beacon of Hollywood feminine power, because — yeah you get it — she’s funny, beautiful, doesn’t take crap from no man, and has all the right liberal heroes. Oh and she also thinks Trump’s a “moron” too. This is the kind of stuff that gives her that “America’s Sweetheart” quality.

Louis-Dreyfus is a talented comic actress. As a political commentator? Not so much. But two years into his administration, dumping on Trump (while doing a little identity politicking for good measure) remains a reliable way for celebs to keep their names in media circulation.

Time published a bloated kiss-up piece to Louis-Dreyfus, who plays vice president of the United States in HBO’s political sitcom Veep. And if you’re a prominent left-wing outlet with an axe to grind, what else is there to do other than feature a famous female talking about fighting invisibility as a woman. Time wrote “Louis-Dreyfus finds a pressure valve for the anger and frustration many women bottle up in public.”

Sound familiar? The buzz (droning?) at this year’s Oscars was that women, along with immigrants, have been invisible in the industry. “From Lena Dunham to Hillary Clinton,” the piece claimed, “we still struggle to make sense of difficult women — women who want power and respect despite being imperfect.” Uh, really? Hillary and Lena “I Wish I’d Had an Abortion” Dunham? There’s not much credibility here.

Time even implied that Michelle Wolf’s bomb at the White House Correspondents Dinner was also due to sexism. “Wolf managed to be so caustic that she got the tradition canceled; rather than a comedian, this year’s dinner will feature a white male historian who can be trusted not to offend.” “Caustic” is a nice ways of saying “vile.”

The interview then moved into a discussion of political correctness in the industry, and you’d think the old school comedian behind Seinfeld’s Elaine would side with her co-star Jerry Seinfeld in arguing that it has killed comedy. But you don’t get to be Time’s American Sweetheart holding that opinion. Louis-Dreyfus defended being PC in the industry, saying “I think as soon as people start bitching about ‘politically correct,’ it’s a term for something else,” she said. “I’m in favor of political correctness. I’m suspicious of those who have a problem with it.”

So when Seinfeld or Chris Rock say they won’t do shows on college campuses anymore, it’s because they’re just looking to offend? Yes, according to the Veep star. They want to be told, ‘“It’s O.K. to make racist jokes,’ or ‘It’s O.K. to make violence-against-women jokes.’”

That’s pretty harsh, but it’s positively cuddly compared to her verdict on President Trump. “He’d be funny if he didn’t have the power he has,” Louis-Dreyfus said. “He’s sort of a pretend, fake President. He’s a complete moron, start to finish.”

Says the woman who’s in the pink pussy hat.