GMA: ‘Genderless Babies’ Is ‘Healthy,’ Part of ‘Great Conversation’

Remember when network morning talk shows would try brighten the viewers’ day with sunshine-y and hopeful stories about the world being a great place? Yeah, those fond memories feel like they’re from a century ago, especially when one sees Good Morning America pushing Kate Hudson’s rules for raising “genderless” babies as their feel-good cover story for early-risers.

Let’s just run full-sprint towards the point of no return, why don’t we?

On January 24’s obligatory display of ABC propaganda for the day, the cast of GMA were all smiles as they promoted the news story of Kate Hudson’s bold step of throwing a middle finger to reality: her parenting of a newborn child whose gender she refuses to acknowledge.

Stephanopoulos introduced the segment, stating “Kate Hudson is opening up about how she’s trying to raise her new baby as ‘genderless.’” And this form of child abuse doesn't just involve unaccountable Hollywood types, It’s “an approach that more and more American families are trying.”

Correspondent Paula Faris provided the details, claiming that Hudson would like to continue raising her 3-month-old daughter without “labels or restrictions” because “she doesn’t want to assume how she’ll identify herself as she’s growing up.” Careful there Faris, we wouldn’t want the new Hudson offspring to know the scathing truth about her anatomy, would we?

And in case you missed it the first time, GMA again stressed that “raising a child gender neutral is not just some Hollywood fad,” it’s obviously a legitimate “parenting style that more and more families are trying.” Geez, we get it.

According to author and gender studies authority Christia Spears Brown, the justification for those alternate reality parents is that “they see a lot of variation out there … there are a lot of ways to raise a boy or a girl and parents are realizing that really seems to be a much healthier way to raise kids.” Well you certainly don’t have to raise your boys with G. I. Joes and a ten-year supply of protein powder, but my goodness, can’t you give your little boy a set of paints and an art book instead of going scorched earth against the material universe?

Of course, they did mention those parents that choose to raise their kids according to laws of nature, though it’s interesting that they relegated this vast majority of sensible parents as a trite “not everyone.” Faris claimed, “Now not everyone likes this approach, traditionally many believe a boy is a boy, and a girl is a girl.” Hmm, now that’s a scintillating factoid. She also mentioned that “some gender-neutral parents may refer to their baby, as a ‘they-by;’ not a he, not a she, but a they-by.”

Co-host Lara Spencer commented on the hard-hitting report, musing, “That’s a great conversation. It’s just a great conversation,” to which Robin Roberts added a virtue-signalling, “No judgment, no judgment. Whatever you feel is best for your child.” And with that GMA completely shredded the rulebook on what it means to be a decent parent. Let the record show. If my future son ends up in jail, I’m liable to sue, damn it. 




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