Actress Offers Sex Act to Anyone Willing to ‘Punch’ Covington Teenager

January 22nd, 2019 10:55 AM

Update 1/28/2019, 2:20 PM: This article has been corrected. Originally, it falsely claimed Sarah Beattie was a writer for SNL. Subsequently we discovered that was not the case and we apologize.


On Monday actress and comedian Sarah Beattie posted a crude Twitter status offering lewd sex acts for anyone willing to harm Nicolas Sandmann, the Catholic teen accused of racism for merely standing in front of a triggered native American man.

Beattie, a self-described comedy writer and owner of “big tits,” jumped in on the Covington Catholic high school boys’ March for Life controversy, and rather than decry the apparent “racism” that the media wouldn’t shut up about, she went for the insanity gold and issued a call for violence on the minors, complete with an obscene incentive.

She tweeted, “I will blow whoever manages to punch that MAGA kid in the face.” Yes, m’lady. An honorable task for any soyboy under the feminazi boot to take up. For any nice, open-minded fellow willing to accept that all radical left wingers want are peace, love, and harmony; you might want to re-think that considering they’ve evolved into a group of people that daydream about hitting kids.

Of course Beattie’s obscene status gathered its fair share of backlash, so much so that she deleted the tweet. Still, she refused to apologize and doubled down on her toxic opinion with another tweet.

Beattie wrote, “Oh yes the kid who was marching against women’s reproductive rights while wearing a hat promoting an evil homophobic racist misogynistic sociopath was TOTALLY misrepresented.” She sounds bitter..

And to think that #MeToo was all about freeing women from having to use sex to get what they want from men. Where do you actually fit into all that Miss Beattie?