After Kavanaugh: Vogue Writer Warns of Lefty American Revolution

Where do we go as a nation in the wake of the Brett Kavanaugh confirmation? Is it possible to bridge the current partisan divide? Well, according to the writers at Vogue, to hell with that. The time is right for a French Revolution-style uprising. Since when did fashion bloggers turn into full-blown anarchists?

Writer Maya Singer penned an opinion piece in the fashion magazine, titled Who’s Up For Burning It All Down? She began, “I am going to try to write this calmly. I want to remain calm because I want to remain lucid. Also, if my hands are shaking with rage, I cannot type.” It seemed as though readers were in for quite the whirlwind of lefty anger.

Singer claimed that the current point in US history, what with Donald Trump and the GOP consolidating and flaunting more power in the face of a populace growing angrier by the minute, resembles the lead up to the French Revolution. She wrote, “If you’d asked me, before last week’s Senate Judiciary Committee hearings… where we were on the road to revolution, I’d have said we were somewhere around ‘the people are very mad but they’re working within the system.’”

But after President Trump and Republicans confirmed Kavanaugh, “a historically disliked nominee,” whose testimony before the committee “exposed himself as both a jerk and partisan hack,” Singer claimed that the “revolution could kick off any moment now.”

“With the vote to send Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court, the GOP (and Joe Manchin) have officially flipped us the bird.” For left-wing radicals such like Singer, there’s no other side to this debate or consideration of Brett’s testimony. It just fits neatly into her worldview of the current white male power dynamic, and she and everyone who disagrees are the incontestable victims.

She maintained that It was merely some boorish power move on the part of an insecure president, “a president who lost the popular vote, abetted by 51 senators who represent a mere 44 percent of Americans, rammed through their nominee just to show us they could.” And of course, Trump wouldn’t dare trade for another conservative candidate, as he was “fearful of looking weak.” Singer added that they pushed Brett through, not “in spite of all the protest, but because of it.”

That’s when Singer began to get even more whacko. After going through a lengthy explanation of how rich white men have used recent events to finally solidify the protection of their “Privilege,” (in the case of Kavanaugh, stepping on women’s rights in order to do so,) Singer mused that it could very well be women who start the firebombing. She wrote, “I really wouldn’t be surprised if millions of American women spend the weekend Googling ‘how to make molotov cocktails.’

And if they actually rioted and American society were to undergo a bloody revolution, it would be exactly what the patriarchy had coming to them. Singer explained that confirming a nominee as unpopular as Kavanaugh shows that the GOP has no qualms about being bloodthirsty, and she threatened, “They’ll have no one to blame but themselves if we riot.”


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