Stranger Than Fiction: Apple TV+ Show & LGBTQ Runners Claim Running Is Unsafe, Non-Inclusive

September 1st, 2023 6:38 AM

Apple TV+’s dramedy Physical may take place in the ‘70s, but that didn’t stop Hollywood from using anachronistic dialogue to push the woke left’s current, non-existent boogeyman - “systemic inequality.” And in this case, the supposed victims are…wait for it…runners.

Yes, Physical’s writers would have us believe that systemic inequality impacts people who like to run. What’s even crazier than this storyline, though, is that in real-life, the LGBTQ community is claiming they need support and safe spaces to run outside in. 

The scene in question on this week’s episode of Physical, “Like You Mean It,” features Danny Rubin (Rory Scovel), estranged husband of main character Sheila (Rose Byrne), as he goes on a date with a woman who works for his ex. As the two converse over drinks and dinner, Danny mentions he loves to run and that he’s thinking of starting an “outreach program for disadvantaged youths,” because, as he claims, the “tentacular nature of systemic inequality” supposedly makes it difficult for them to run:



Danny: I'm a fan. Nay, I am a fanatic. Probably more verging on zealot.

Alma: About running?

Danny: Yeah. I, you know, did not see that coming at all, but now that's... That is just who I am. Running free out in the world.

Alma: Don't you get tired?

Danny: That's the best part. I'm thinking about launching an outreach program for disadvantaged youths. Like a running program. Just now.

Alma: Can't they just run if they want to?

Danny: You would think that, wouldn't you, right? But the tentacular nature of systemic inequality just... Never mind. Um, that was the passion of the newly converted. Sorry. Um, what about you? Do you have anything that you believe in strongly or feel strongly?

Alma: I feel strongly that people should not be allowed to own snakes.

Danny: Wow. Okay. Yeah. Asked and answered.

Good question, Alma. Yes, they can just run. One would think this is just some ridiculous fiction thought up by leftist Hollywood writers. But unfortunately, the LGBTQ+ community is claiming in real life that they need funding and support to help make running more inclusive and safe for them, too.

No, seriously.

A few months ago, running shoe company Altra announced on Instagram that it was helping to provide 25 “full-registration scholarships” to an LGBTQ+ running retreat, and the ratio they received in the comments was fierce. Several people vowed to never purchase Altra’s shoes again, and one person wrote, “Can you have an event for only straight people, please?”

Another comment read:

WTF, who is saying the outdoors isn’t welcoming and diverse. (sic) Who is standing at the threshold of nature? It’s the most diverse environment possible. This is marketing BS

One other person opined:

I’ve never known nature not to be inclusive. This is just so sad to see you cave to political nonsense rather than just making shoes and running gear for humans. Sorry animals, you’re not apart (sic) of the human alphabet soup group.”

Altra’s website has a “Running with Pride” post, and the first LGBTQ+ runner’s testimony contradicts this supposed need for support and privileges for queer runners. Paul Davidson shared about his running club which included all individuals:

…the color of skin, religion and sexual orientation never mattered. What mattered was, collectively, we liked the same thing: the freedom of running in nature, getting muddy and seeing new places.

For people who claim to be so marginalized, there sure is a TON of groups, support, positive press, etc., all in just one, quick Google search. Field Mag alone has a list of 28 LGBTQ+ outdoor groups, including “Queer Surf” for “marginalized water people.” Yes, you read that right.

But, let’s consider for a moment what happened to Riley Gaines at San Francisco State when she was speaking on protecting women in sports. She was assaulted, harassed, and held captive for three hours by LGBTQ+ activists.

So where are the scholarships, groups and “safe spaces” for athletes who are truly at risk, like Gaines? Why are the queer people responsible for such violence being coddled and treated like they’re victims in need of protection by businesses like Altra?

Make it make sense.