Freeform’s Racist Comedy ‘grown-ish’ Vilifies Black Conservatives Candace Owens and Herschel Walker

August 21st, 2023 6:40 AM

In case you may have forgotten, Freeform’s racist comedy grown-ish would like to remind you that they really hate conservatives - especially if they’re black, like Candace Owens or Herschel Walker.

Proving the show’s writers either can’t come up with original material or contain their intolerance - or both - the latest episode, “Family Feud,” took more shots at Owens and added a new target in former Republican Georgia Senate nominee Herschel Walker.

The episode started by introducing wealthy, villainous character Derek Wright, played by the show’s creator Kenya Barris. Derek is an alumnus of Cal U, the fictional university the show is set at, and is looking to donate a large sum of money to the school.

He’s also a former member of main character Andre’s (Marcus Scribner) fraternity, Gamma Psi Delta. When Derek visits the school, Andre gives him a tour of the newly revamped fraternity house, at which point he and his frat brothers realize Derek is an “a**hole,” as Andre puts it:

Andre: Hi, sir. Um, I'm Andre.

Derek: What's up, Dre? How are you, bro?

Andre: I'm great. I'm Gamma vice president. This is the Gamma House, as you remember, I hope.

Derek: No, not at all. Mid at best. What is this? Is this, like, inclusion or something?

Andre: Uh, this is No Shirt Nick.

Derek: Government name? Hi, I'm Derek, No Shirt Nicholas.

Andre: I am uncomfortable.

Derek: Yo, where the bitches at? This place can't be all dudes, is it? What you got there?

Scone Bro: Cranberry scones.

Derek: Cranberry scones? Know what we used to call this place? The train station 'cause of how much ass we took down in here. Now you're sitting up, eating cranberry scones. You proud of yourself?

Andre: We actually-- we baked these ourselves. You know, studies show that a home-cooked meal can actually—

Derek: Did that wire go through? And that's proof that not all stories about mixing coke and heroin end up bad.

Mr. Popular: Question, any chance you could, you know, hook me up with an internship?

Derek: Quicker question, are you a Nigerian scammer, or do you just have the shoes of a Nigerian scammer? And that was the last night I saw Rick James alive. What kind of porn is this?

Andre: It's women's basketball.

Derek: Women's basketball porn?

Andre: This kind of willful ignorance is what gave the Gammas a bad name in the first place.

Derek: I'm telling you, if you're rich enough in Dubai, they'll let you hunt anything.

Dean Carnegie: Hey, Mr. Wright, we got to go. We're gonna be late for the theater department's production of "Roots."

Derek: Ooh, don't want to be late for that.

Dean Carnegie: Yeah. So how was your time with the Gammas?

Derek: Fantastic. I leave here inspired, knowing that no matter how much money you throw at something, it can't always be saved.

Dean Carnegie: That's so not true. You're so funny. Funny, funny with all that money, huh? All right, good luck, guys.

Andre: Melanated ear or not, "Asshole" is the same in every language. And you guys didn't even hear him play devil's advocate for R. Kelly.

This was Andre’s second reference to having a "melanated ear," the first being when he quipped that those without a melanated ear might think he was insulted by an insult the school’s dean said to him. Did I miss something or are there now different languages based on the color of your ears?

As for Derek, it’s not surprising the show would vilify a rich character. And while his words were inexcusable, Andre lumps a compliment he made about Herschel Walker in with all the horrible things he said:

Dean Carnegie: Andre! Just the Gamma I was hoping to see.

Andre: Dean Carnegie, how are you?

Dean Carnegie: Yeah. Listen. You guys made a real impression on Mr. Wright. So much so, he wants to have the donation ceremony at the Gamma House. Yeah, big check and everything.

Andre: Speaking as Gamma vice president, I don't know if that's gonna happen. We worked really hard to get our charter and reputation back after the great Gamma fires of 2020.

Dean Carnegie: Yeah, you guys roasted the hell out of that pig.

Andre: I don't know if it's the right time for us to get in bed with the original Atomic Dog himself.

Dean Carnegie: Can you elaborate? –

Andre: That guy's the worst. He told us that we should start to pee standing up.

Dean Carnegie: Really?

Andre: Yeah. He also called our entire generation lazy, referred to women as the ferris wheel of bunny tails, and then said that Herschel Walker made some good points. We have worked hard to reform our image, and that guy's like taking a million steps back.

Dean Carnegie: Listen, I hear you. And I would never force the Gammas to do something they are not comfortable with. Okay, Jackson, I'm gonna need you to force the Gammas to do something they are not comfortable with.

After the dean asks Andre’s roommate and Cal U professor Aaron Jackson (Trevor Jackson) to talk Andre into changing his mind, Aaron has a discussion with two friends about the issue. One of them is against the money being accepted. The other states, “Aaron knows there's no ethical consumption. Under capitalism, all money is dirty money.”

“That is true,” Aaron retorts.

Andre eventually changes his mind, albeit reluctantly. Once the money is accepted, Aaron thanks Andre for reconsidering, at which point Gamma member Cole (Lil Yachty) speaks up in protest because of one unforgivable sin - Derek is about to acquire a podcast network that’s the “home of the future Candace Owens and the current Candace Owens”:

Aaron: Look, I wanted to say thank you for reconsidering, ok? I know it was hard, but it was the right thing to do, trust me.

Cole: Can we, Professor Sellout?

Andre: Yo, Cole, chill. Aaron's on our side.

Cole: Is he? 'Cause if he was, he would tell us what Derek Wright is up to about now.  

Andre: Uh, I think he's about to get ready to start.

Cole: No, no, no, I'm talking about he's about to acquire The Affirmative Reaction Podcast Network, also known as home of the future Candace Owens and the current Candace Owens.

Aaron: What?

Andre: So, it seems like good old Derek Wright is a bigot trying to use us all for clout. We have to call this whole thing off.

Aaron: Look, man, if there was another way, I would, all right, but the check's already deposited.

Andre: Looks like we're just gonna have to take this loss and smile for the cameras like good, articulate, obedient black men.

Cole: Oh, my God.

They could look past all the horrible things Derek said, but being just slightly connected to Candace Owens somehow makes him an unforgivable bigot? Right.

Hollywood never seems to see their own hypocrisy - or they do and don’t care. Andre complains about having to “smile for the cameras like good, articulate, obedient black men,” yet, that’s exactly what the left expects of Candace Owens.

They don’t want her to be able to express what she believes in. They want her to get in line and be a Democrat “like a good, articulate, obedient black woman,” or else they’ll try to shame her via Hollywood propaganda disguised as entertainment.

Thankfully this is the last season for grown-ish, though it’s divided into two parts, so they’ll unfortunately still be spewing their leftist propaganda in 2024.