ABC’s ‘Black-ish’ Once Again Honors Kaepernick: 'I Stand with You, Kaep'

If there’s one thing that ABC’s sitcom Black-ish wants us to know, aside from the fact that they’re ultra-liberal and love to race-bait, it’s that they have an affinity for controversial, ex-football player Colin Kaepernick, whom they’ve previously labeled a civil rights hero.

On Tuesday’s football-themed episode, “FriDre Night Lights,” the writers must have thought it was time to remind us of their love for Kaepernick. In Dre’s (Anthony Anderson) opening monologue, he practically worships the divisive, police-hating player while sporting his jersey and taking a knee as he says, “I stand with you, Kaep.”



Dre: Football. It's been a touchy subject lately, but I'm pretty sure you all know who I'm with. Oh, I stand with you, Kaep. But this? It's gonna take a full seven months for me to get there. Regardless of all that, growing up, I loved playing football. It was always my dream that one day, I would have a son who would follow in my footsteps.

I guess we can be thankful that the rest of the episode was free of their typical political and racist storylines?

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