'Will & Grace' Mocks Vice President’s Marriage: Pence and Wife ‘Have Sex Through His Trainer’

April 6th, 2018 1:37 AM

In typical liberal fashion, NBC’s Will & Grace appears to really enjoy taking cheap shots at Vice President Mike Pence. Ever since it became news that Pence was quoted in a 2002 interview with The Hill saying he never dines alone with other women or attends events where alcohol is being served without his wife, the left went into “cannot process” mode like a robot gone haywire. Rather than understanding, or even celebrating, a man who makes every effort to avoid the near occasion of sin to remain faithful to his wife, they’ve instead insisted he must either be gay, a misogynist or a male predator.

On Thursday’s season finale episode of Will & Grace, “It’s a Family Affair,” the writers decided to have another go at Pence as Republican caricature Karen (Megan Mullally) is torn between her lover Malcolm (Alec Baldwin) and her husband Stan. (How’s that for irony?) “Pour me another one, Smitty,” Karen tells her butler. “I've got the toughest decision I've ever had to make.”

Malcolm soon appears and asks Karen if she's made her choice. When she tells him she's chosen her husband Stan, Malcolm devises an odd way of being able to share one last kiss with Karen, leading to the pot-shot at Pence:



Malcolm: I can’t say that I’m not hurt, but may I kiss you good-bye?

Karen: I don't think that would be a good idea.

Malcolm: How about I kiss Smitty and then you kiss Smitty, and by the transitive property, you and I would've shared one last kiss?

Karen: Why, what a fabulous idea. You know, I hear that's how Mike Pence and his wife have sex through his trainer. What do you say, Smitty?

You know what else is in typical liberal fashion? Their blatant hypocrisy as they attempt to crucify Trump over allegations of infidelity, while in the same breath writing adulterous storylines for laughs and once again making fun of Pence for his dedication to his marriage vows.

Could it be that liberals don’t really care about infidelity one way or the other (hello, Bill Clinton), but instead want to do all they can to bring their political opponents down with whatever accusation they can grasp on to? And please, can we just kiss these obnoxiously old, tired and cliché Pence jokes goodbye once and for all? Transitively or directly, just please make it stop.