Freeform’s ‘The Bold Type’ Celebrates Planned Parenthood, Liberal Feminist Politics

July 18th, 2017 11:08 PM

Freeform’s The Bold Type, which is dubbed a teen drama and centers around three young women who work at Scarlet magazine (which is based on Cosmopolitan magazine), has pretty much covered anything and everything related to sex and beaten us over the head with it in every episode so far. So, what’s left on the leftist Hollywood agenda? Abortion, of course.

In Tuesday, July 18th's episode, “The Woman Behind the Clothes,” Scarlet magazine plans a fashion show fundraiser for Planned Parenthood, but one main designer has backed out due to pressure (from those icky chain stores in flyover country) to cut her ties with the abortion provider:

Jacqueline- Oliver, how bad is it?

Oliver- Mom jeans with fur slippers bad.

Lauren- I can't even get Jasmine Lee on the phone. Her publicist is apologetic--

Jacqueline- I would hope so, being that her designs were our entire fashion show, and we don't have a fundraiser without her. How exactly did this happen?

Lauren- She's about to launch her collection at chain stores across the country. They're pressuring her to cut her ties with Planned Parenthood.

Jacqueline- Well, Jasmine Lee can't stand behind her convictions, but we certainly stand behind ours.

Oliver- The event's in two days.

Jacqueline- Is there any designer out there worth anything who can pull something together that fast?

Oliver- No. We'll have to get creative.

Jacqueline- We need looks that are bold and strong and feminine. Unexpected.

Oliver- Armor.

Jacqueline- Armor.

Oliver- Focusing on the female form. I'll pair delicate items from the closet with--

Jacqueline- Sculptural accessory pieces.

Oliver- Exactly. I might need extra assistance.

Jacqueline- I heard what happened.

Oliver- Balmain is dead to me.

Jacqueline- Well, you can have all the interns. And I will approve overtime for any assistants who want to work after hours. But Oliver, make this happen.

Did they seriously admit that the "female form" is "delicate?" Wow! You know what else is cool, rare and beautiful about the “female form?” Its ability to stretch and grow around a human life developing inside of it, protecting the child until its natural birth. But let’s just ignore that aspect of the female form, since this Planned Parenthood fundraiser is all about helping to destroy that life.

We also got slammed with more leftist politics as Jane interviews a congresswoman who is described as the next Elizabeth Warren or Kamala Harris. But, though a “total champion of women,” the congresswoman is also “an enemy of the environment,” according to Jane (Katie Stevens). The congresswoman stands on the wrong side of the Keystone Pipeline battle and Clean Water Act in Jane’s opinion, so she attempts to press her on it in an interview, but the congresswoman ignores her unless Jane wants to discuss her fashion choices. While discussing with Jane why fashion is important to her, the congresswoman adds, "We all saw what Hillary went through. The day after each debate, they scrutinized her pantsuits more than her policy."

That's not at all how I remember post-debate discussions going. The media placed Hillary on a pedestal for just about everything, policy included, and she could do no wrong, fashion included. Trump, on the other hand, was criticized for his hairstyle and skin color. Typical Hollywood revisionist history.

Feminism was also front and center, albeit a very odd version of it. Kat (Aisha Dee) stands up to creators of virtual reality goggles because she learns that VR can give women motion sickness when they’re menstruating, which she proclaims is sexist - "they use technology that favors the male brain." She even uses the buzzword that feminists love - “the female gaze” - in her fight, saying the creators should have considered it.

Of course, hateful anti-feminists attack her on social media (sounds like Gamer-gate), unfortunately some threaten to rape her and ultimately post a topless photo of her (“Oh yeah, I’m a slut because I took a topless photo of myself in the south of France.”) But Kat comes out the hero by starting a #TypeWithKindness PR campaign to fight back. No mention of rational tweets pointing out how ridiculous the accusation of misogyny was in the first place, though.