Fox’s Lucifer Season Finale: God is to Blame for Satan’s Bad Behavior

May 30th, 2017 4:33 AM

In a show that has already stunned and offended many, Monday night’s season finale of Lucifer on Fox ended with more of the same insulting anti-Christian agenda and Biblically inaccurate storyline that it’s been pushing on viewers from the start.

In Fox’s version of good and evil, Lucifer Morningstar (Tom Ellis) is just a poor, misunderstood guy who’s likeable and well-intentioned, while God is portrayed as a neglectful father who ignored his family (yes, God has a wife and kids in Fox’s version, including Lucifer), causing them to act out.

Lucifer was kicked out of Heaven the way a wayward, misbehaving child would be kicked out of a dysfunctional household. Of course, you can’t blame the child when the father is so horrible. So, Fox wants us to imagine a role reversal of sorts, where God is the bad guy and Lucifer is his mistreated son who got a bad rap in the Bible and in history.

We hear Lucifer uttering the phrase, “dear old dad,” sarcastically and bitterly quite often throughout the series, and tonight we got to learn more about how ironic God is and how he flipped his sons the biggest “celestial bird” by hiding the finale piece of the “Flaming Sword” (which Lucifer hopes to use to get back into Heaven) right under their nose. So not only is God a bad father who caused his family to fall apart, but he “flips the bird” to his sons as well? Lovely.

We also see Lucifer’s love interest, Detective Chloe Becker (Lauren German), start to realize that Lucifer’s father (she is unaware that his father is God) is to blame for Lucifer’s immoral behavior.

Lucifer: You have experience with emotionally fragile men, don't you? 

Chloe: You're self-aware today. 

Lucifer: No, I meant Dan. Anyway, tell me, how do you stop them from overthinking everything? 

Chloe: Who's overthinking? 

Lucifer: Amenadiel. Leave it to him to turn a compliment into something to angst over. I mean, he should be happy he's Dad's favorite. 

Chloe: Wait, your dad didn't actually tell you guys that, did he? 

Lucifer: Well, in so many Sumerian words, yes. 

Chloe: You know, the more I hear about your dad, the more I understand why you're... You know, you. 

The season ends with Chloe trying to get Lucifer to open up more to her, saying, “If you think I wouldn’t forgive you for your mistakes or your flaws – if you think that I don’t know who you really are by now you’re wrong.” While Chloe isn’t aware of who Lucifer really is, despite his name, we’re to believe that Lucifer is just a “flawed” man who made a few “mistakes.”

Not that he’s evil incarnate, with nothing but bad intentions, scheming to bring harm and trouble to anyone he can, so much so that the God of forgiveness…the God who sent His only Son to suffer and die for our mistakes and flaws…couldn’t forgive Satan. (That should tell you all you need to know about the real Lucifer’s intentions and motives and how evil he truly is.)

No, let’s just put aside Biblical truths and create sympathy for the devil. It may seem like a cute and harmless fictional TV show, but this is a slippery slope towards feeding into Satanic worship and blasphemy of the One, True God who is sinless, holy and good. Not to mention, it’s offensive to Christians and Christianity, the one religion the left loves to bash.

So much for tolerance and respect for others, as the left often claims to believe in. It’s a shame they don’t practice what they preach, and even worse, that they’re preaching what Christians don’t practice.

On another note, the finale ended with Lucifer leaving a voice mail for Chloe and talking about not going backward. Just in case you weren't sure of the political leanings of the writers for the show, here's a tweet from one of them, Ildy Modrovich, explaining what inspired that notion:

Proof of the subliminal, and not-so-subliminal, agenda in this sacrilegeous show.