'The Good Fight' Laments, 'How Can You Sleep When Donald Trump is President?'

April 1st, 2018 9:37 PM

Blind to liberal TV’s own obsession with attacking President Trump, Sunday’s episode of CBS’s The Good Fight criticized the media’s fixation with the president.

Each episode of the Trump-hating show is named after the amount of days since Trump’s inauguration. Yet tonight, in the episode titled, “Day 436,” lawyer Diane Lockhart (Christine Baranski) flips through the TV channels, scoffing at the amount of (fake) news recounting (fake) absurdities committed by the president. In one show she passes, a cartoon sheep asks, “How can you sleep when Donald Trump is president?”

The premiere of last season of The Good Fight opened with Trump’s inauguration. This season, stars of the show gushed over the newest season’s attempts to tackle Trump era politics. Just like Diane flipping through the channels only to find news discussing Trump, the average American flipping through the channels today has to flip past shows like The Good Fight that can’t go an episode without bashing the current president.

Tonight’s episode also took on the #MeToo movement, with one lawyer blaming the alt-right for accusations against his client, beloved (fictional) actor Kip Dunning.

A TV program wants to broadcast a segment on Dunning’s alleged sexual harassment and rape of two women. Dunning’s lawyer, Burt Preston, rises to his defense by asserting, “Kip has made so many enemies among the alt-right, this is a hack job from them.” The lawyer team defending the TV program’s right to broadcast the piece sets out to investigate if the anonymous women are “O’Keefe plants.”

An investigator meets with one of the victims, where he finds a copy of Ann Coulter’s Adios America!, a sure sign of the victim's connection with the alt-right, of course. The victim also likens Dunning’s investigators to Harvey Weinstein’s investigators because they’re both “Jews.” In light of the discovery of the victim’s anti-Semitism, a reporter points out, “I think that anti-Semites can be harassed too.”

Ultimately, a recording of the harassment proves Kip Dunning’s guilt, and the alt-right is proven blameless.

Additionally, the episode responds to last year’s acquittal of officer Jeronimo Yanez, who shot and killed Philando Castile. Protestors throw glass bottles at the police, chanting, “Say his name! Philando Castile!”

It’s ironic that a show like The Good Fight can unashamedly protest the media’s obsession with Trump while partaking in its own obsession with issues in the liberal agenda.