Showtime's 'Billions' Adds Trans Character Who Demands: I'm Not 'She,' I Am 'They'

February 27th, 2017 1:55 AM

The second episode of this season of Billions, “Dead Cat Bounce,” had Showtime’s much praised gender non-conforming star begin transitioning to the forefront of the show.

Taylor (Asia Kate Dillon), Axe Capital’s new intern with exceptional financial prowess, makes a game-changing discovery regarding a business competitor. Before reporting the findings to the CEO, Taylor lists “their” preferred pronouns in an introduction.

Taylor- Hello. I'm Taylor. My pronouns are they, theirs, and them.

Axe- Okay. You have two minutes.

The liberals at Showtime are probably patting themselves on the back for that smooth exchange. How progressive.

Later, when Taylor’s findings are proven correct, someone addresses the gender non-conforming intern as “she.” The CEO corrects him, “Not she. They,” whilst receiving a deservedly confused look.

While Billions has made “TV history” for featuring the first gender non-conforming star in a mainstream show, it is not alone. Showtime’s Shameless and CBS’s Doubt have both pushed the transgender agenda in their newest seasons.  

Thank goodness liberal TV networks are here to guide us toward their vision for the future. 

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