Will & Grace: John McCain and Lindsey Graham Have 'Sexual Tension'

March 1st, 2018 11:15 PM

Will & Grace is kind of obsessed with saying that Republicans are secretly gay. Usually, the jokes (and I use the term loosely) are about Mike Pence but, in the March 1 episode "Three Wise Men," they mixed things up by making Senators John McCain and Lindsey Graham the targets of their aspersions.

Meanwhile, Karen (Megan Mullaly) has been spying on her household staff as though they're characters on a telenovela and Will (Eric McCormack) catches a glimpse of a certain dynamic between the cook and the pastry chef. 



Will: Whoa, did you see that smoldering look? I think they're in love. That's sexual tension. It's the same look Lindsey Graham gives John McCain.

That's so boring. McCain and Graham are old friends, and jokes about them being gay lovers are nothing new. That doesn't make the jokes funny, it just makes them stale. Will & Grace is a reboot of the original show and maybe all they've got is reboots of old jokes.

In the main storyline of this episode, Grace (Debra Messing) begins dating a man in her building but, when he believes that it would be too complicated to date a neighbor, she rebounds by having a quickie with a much younger man she meets in a bar. Also at the bar, she runs into a professor who she had an affair with in college. When the neighbor she was originally dating decides he was being silly and wants to give it another try, it comes to light that the professor is his father and his son is the younger man she met at the bar. So, she's slept with three generations of the same family. Gross. 

This show is so embarrassing to watch.