Jane Roe Recants? Pro-Aborts Pounce, Claim Pro-Life ‘Always Built on Lies’

May 21st, 2020 11:21 AM

The week, a new documentary alleges that Norma McCorvey, aka “Jane Roe” in Roe v. Wade, claimed she was paid to convert to the pro-life position in a “deathbed confession.” Those who knew her in the pro-life movement are skeptical and said she always seemed sincere in her beliefs, pointing to two decades' worth of McCorvey’s pro-life activism as proof. The documentary isn’t even out yet (AKA Jane Roe will be released by FX on Friday) but still pro-abortion activists pounced on the news to indict the entire pro-life movement and Christian right.

GQ screamed, “The Anti-Abortion Movement Was Always Built on Lies” while Jessica Valenti cried, “The ‘Pro-Life’ Movement Was Always a Con.” The Guardian condemned, “Jane Roe’s deathbed confession exposes the immorality of the Christian right,” going so far as to write:

Sadly, it seems as though many anti-abortion extremists don’t have much of a soul to lose in the first place. While the right claims to stand for morality and family values they – as AKA Jane Roe makes very clear – are more than happy to lie and cheat in order to propagate their fringe beliefs.

But the most obnoxious victory lap taken (so far) was by Salon’s resident pro-abortion feminazi Amanda Marcotte. She called McCorvey a “sketchy character” and said her original pro-life conversion was met with skepticism from pro-aborts, then went on to condemn the pro-life movement as a whole:

But the main reason pro-choicers suspected the McCorvey conversion was a sham wasn't about McCorvey's character, but about the dynamics of the anti-choice movement in general. It's no exaggeration to say that the anti-choice movement, from tip to toe, is stuffed with liars and grifters. Their entire raison d'être is telling lies — often over-the-top, melodramatic lies — in service of sticking it to women, LGBT people and liberals in general for not respecting the "right" of the religious right to dominate the rest of us.

The anti-choice movement has always been run by lying trolls, and always will be. They set the template for the rest of the conservative movement, and paved the way for the rise of Donald Trump, whose presidential victory was a perfect summary of the fact that right-wing American politics has become one big, long con.

Hilariously, Marcotte spends a large chunk of her piece claiming the liberal media gives the pro-life movement a pass in their coverage. Seriously!

The over-the-top, theatrical lies of the anti-choice movement are so comical that the mainstream media, for decades, has shied away from covering them too closely, likely out of fear that they're actually too ridiculous to be believed. …

But this "born alive" mania has mostly been ignored by the mainstream media, except for occasional gawking at Trump's weird rally stories. I suspect that happens because these tales are so grotesque and improbable that journalists fear their audiences will think they made it all up. Instead, anti-choice activists get a glow-up in mainstream coverage, presented as less hysterical and less prone to lies and bizarre flights of fancy than they actually are.

How convenient, she forgot that it was pro-abortion Democrat Governor Ralph Northam (VA) who started the “born alive mania” with his defense of late term abortion and talk of keeping an infant “comfortable” while the parents have a “discussion,” while the media rushed to memoryhole the whole incident. Marcotte also oddly seems to think there’s no such thing as an abortion survivor. Talk about being prone to bizarre flights of fancy!

Regarding the story about Planned Parenthood selling baby parts, she laughably claimed the mainstream media “ran credulous stories, bamboozled by their own decades of coverage falsely painting anti-choicers as serious-minded people instead of fundamentalist whackadoodles.” Unsurprisingly, she repeated the false claim, “The videos had been altered to make innocent people look guilty.”

Railing against the “myth of the humble, righteous anti-choice activist,” Marcotte hopes this new wrinkle in McCorvey’s story will be the end of pro-life Christian puff pieces in the media (LOLOL!)

The press should stop being fooled by the way anti-choicers hide behind the Bible and the cross and see them for who they are: Bullies who are trying to take important medical care away from women at a vulnerable moment in their lives. Perhaps the revelation that anti-choicers literally bought off Norma McCorvey and paid her to lie will help open up some eyes.

Whatever McCorvey's true feelings, the fact remains, abortion is not medical care, it's the intentional destruction of human life. We don't need to pay anyone to believe that, embryology textbooks will do just fine.