Climate Alarmist Gore Tells CNN ‘Yes,’ He’s Spoken to Several Dem Candidates

March 19th, 2019 10:44 AM

CNN Newsroom anchor Brooke Baldwin had a wide-ranging softball interview with former Vice President Gore that revealed her biases on climate and his involvement so far in the 2020 race.

In addition to getting Gore’s thoughts about the Democratic field, Baldwin asked on March 15, “Have any of these candidates reached out to you? Have you advised any of them?”

“I have talked with several of them at their request. I’ll keep all those conversations confidential. But yes, I know several of them and have talked with them and some that I had not known before,” Gore acknowledged. Global warming doomsayer Gore remains a media favorite on the subject of climate in spite of his failed predictions, scientific errors and rewritten history.



Baldwin also tried to bait him into attacking President Donald Trump on climate change, again asking, “Despite all the science, all the warnings, there are still skeptics at the highest level of government. To what do you attribute that?”

He went on a long-winded, recycled defense of climate science claiming there was “no basis for doubting what Mother Nature is telling us now,” citing and referring to the so-called “99 percent “consensus on the impact of global warming. This was an inflation of his previous, inaccurate claim of a 97 percent scientific consensus on the issue.

But he refrained from directly attacking Trump, so Baldwin asked again.

“But what about the leader of all Republicans? The president himself? If inaction continues for the next two, maybe six years under you know a Trump White House — what concerns you? What is the one immediate consequence on climate?” she pressed.

Recycling his talking point that Trump has become the “global face of climate denial,” but it is “actually encouraging more people to join the cause.”

Gore also said the “fate” of the climate is not in Trump’s hands, “It’s in our hands” and more people are saying “It’s time to act and the sooner the better, the bolder the better.”



Climate was a big part of the interview. Baldwin asked Gore about the children’s climate walkout that day and about his “praise” of the Green New Deal.

His Climate Reality Project was one of the left-wing groups listed as “official partners” of the Youth Climate Strike that organized walkouts for March 15. Gore proudly told Baldwin that one of the children that co-founded the strike went through his Climate Reality training. Wouldn’t indoctrination be more accurate?

Former Greenpeace co-founder Dr. Patrick Moore criticized the strikes on Twitter as “a fascist tactic” and the adult promoters for “using innocent children for your own ends.”

“It’s normally called brainwashing,” Moore added.

Baldwin did ask one difficult question about the Green New Deal, trying to pin down what he thinks “needs to be fixed or may be unrealistic at this point. Gore dodged the question and called the Green New Deal an “aspirational goal” that can bring people together to “demand the U.S. change its approach,” but did not specify flaws with the eco-socialist, fantasy plan.

The plan could cost $93 trillion, according to estimates from the American Action Forum run by former Congressional Budget Office director Douglas Holtz-Eakin.