‘Abolish Billionaires’ Says NY Times Opinion Columnist

February 8th, 2019 10:00 AM

If progressives get their way, it won’t matter how “f---ing bad” Bruno Mars and Travie McCoy want to be billionaires.They won’t be, and neither will anyone else.

Now that democratic socialist Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y., and others are publicly declaring “billionaires are bad” and a system that allows billionaires to exist is “wrong,” the far lefties in the news media are daring to broadcast their own disdain for the wealthy too.

New York Times columnist Farhad Manjoo is the latest to admit support for financially “kneecapping” billionaires — actually calling for their abolition on Feb. 6. Manjoo is the same columnist who argued billionaire CEO Jeff Bezos ought to use it promoting socialist policy changes (to prevent anyone else from becoming that wealthy in the future).

He cited Former Gawker and Deadspin editor Tom Socca as the inspiration for his incendiary column: “Abolish Billionaires.”

Although Manjoo admitted the idea is “radical,” he declared it “the perfect way to blunt tech-driven inequality.”

Just a couple of months ago he found the idea “radical, impossible, maybe even un-American.” But now that it’s popular with the left ... “I suspect the question is getting so much attention because the answer is obvious: Nope. Billionaires should not exist — at least not in their present numbers, with their current globe-swallowing power, garnering this level of adulation, while the rest of the economy scrapes by.”

He complained about the idolatry of billionaires, failing to recognize that the fault of such idolatry lies in the heart of the idolaters rather than the billionaires they are choosing to worship. Instead, he argues for taking them all down a peg.

Manjoo expressed no attempt to find counterarguments to his point. Instead he turned to two liberal “experts” to ask them if it was “possible to be a good billionaire.”

The first expert he chose was Princeton “moral philosopher” Peter Singer. Manjoo failed to inform readers this was an extremist who approves of infanticide and said “killing a newborn baby is never equivalent to killing a person,” according to First Things. He also approves of euthanizing the elderly, necrophilia and beastiality.

Singer told Manjoo didn’t think it possible to live morally as a billionaire (he named just two liberal billionaires as exceptions). Given Singer’s extreme and even barbaric views, it’s difficult to take his opinions about other people’s morality seriously.

Manjoo’s second expert was an actual billionaire. A liberal one, of course. He consulted anti-Trump, Need to Impeach founder Tom Steyer. The Times columnist touted Steyer’s liberal credentials and described him as “affable and loquacious.”

He asked Steyer if we shouldn’t get all money out of politics, but the huge liberal political spender demurred.

“I admire his zeal,” Manjoo concluded. “But if we tolerate the supposedly ‘good’ billionaires in politics, we inevitably leave open the door for the bad ones. And the bad ones will overrun us.”